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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iShadonai, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. There are a few things I need tips on. I have technically been smoking for several years, but I took a 4 month tolerance break up until recently. Since I've started smoking again, I've noticed that I've been getting somewhat paranoid, not way overly, but somewhat. (My fiancee and I live with my parents, and we only go outside and smoke in a safe place after they've gone to bed)
    I'm not sure if it's just being outside that makes me paranoid, or the fact that we even live with them, but I'm wanting some help on how to stay calm and chill. I don't get how some people can smoke and then just go out and public and not have any problems. I'm too paranoid for that, but I want to get over it.

    Lastly, as stated before I took a 4 month t-break. We only recently moved to this new area, (my fiancee and I) and I now have two "hook-ups" from coworkers. I'd like some tips on how to avoid being burned, and knowing if you're getting the right amount of weed for your price. I'm bad at eyeballing..

    Sorry for it being so long!
  2. Wait to see the bags before you pay him. Paranoia is common with smoking try A) Getting your tolerance up B) Smoking smaller quantities or C) Hydrate yourself before and after smoking throughout the day and smoking on a full stomach.
  3. Just buy a scale if you're nervous about weights. That's really the only way to know "if you're getting the right amount of weed for your price." Or ask the dealers to scale it in front of you.

    Don't know what to tell you as far as the paranoia. Maybe a nice vape, so you can just chill inside? They'll leave some smell, but if you're only tokin at night it'll going away a few minutes after you stop and doesn't really linger.
  4. Never experienced paranoia so I can't really help with that but as for the weed, get a scale or ask the guy to weigh it before you hand over the cash
  5. Thanks for the tips so far guys. Any more comments?
  6. Just get a scale ..... Keep smoking your paranoia will calm down in a few months ......

    Get a vape if you wanna smoke during the day ..... It's not as heavy your more you and you won't smell ,so you won't be paranoid about smelling ....
  7. You are over thinking the situation. Just use common sense to stay safe and you will be fine! Going out in public is not a biggie just enjoy the high. Everyone else is doing their own thing.
  8. Smoked for several years but can't tell if getting ripped off? Buy a scale.

    Just remember that nothing changed but your state of mind. You're sitting there smoking a plant, nothing changed in reality to make you paranoid.
  9. You all have some good points. Thanks a ton for the advice that has been given. I do need to just chill out. I used to be able to smoke and go out with friends, and do whatever, so it makes sense that it's just my mindset that has changed. I'm excited to be smoking again, and I don't want to ruin it, so thanks again. :)

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