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Tips To Quit Smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ClitCommander, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Alright fellers

    I'm 20 years young. Smoking like a chimney for 2 years and I'm sick of it.

    What helped you quit as a former smoker?
  2. Tell every store not to sell you anymore smokes
  3. And dont buy more
  4. Electronic cigarettes, man. Get an ego kit. Shit's amazing. Got me off cigs in an hour.
  5. I quit by not buying anymore packs of cigarettes. If I wanted one I would bum one off someone. I haven't smoked in over a year now though, and even had the chance to have one but it made my guy wrench.
    I did have an E-Cigarette (Piece of shit IMO) and I use snuff (Nasal Tobacco) which is a lot better than smoking or chewing.
  6. Take Deep Breaths, Drink Plenty of Water, Meditate, Reduce Your Caffeine Intake, Get a Stress Ball, Find Your Go-To Healthy Snack,Take Up a New Hobby, Start Exercising Regularly, Throw Away Your Smoking Paraphernalia, Clean Your Home i hope these tips to help you for quit smoking.

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