Tips To Not Get Caught By Parents

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  1. My mom doesnt really care but i still rather keep it kind of hidden. But really all that i do is put a blanket over the crack at the bottom of my door and open a window... Keep the door covered until the smoke clears amd youre fine.
  2. I don't know if this has been said but the Xbox 360 slims have a nice stash spot in them if you ably have the 4 gig one you can put in the hard drive slot if you don't have a hard drive

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    1) never smoke in the house and do it outsideIf you smoke on the house with your parents home your asking to get caughtIf your parents are sleep just sneak out Sent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. in my teenage years i only owned one pipe, and or smoked joints. whever i wanted to get high id just take my dog out on a walk, and bringa joint, and just smoke it as i walked. now that im older and have a car when i want to blaze i go for a "drive" or ill just pull over on my way home from school, or work, and just drive with the windows down to get rid of the smell
  5. I always just smoke when my parents are sleeping. I just smoke normally in my room, turn the ceiling fan on, spray a LOT of air freshener, open the door and point a fan out to the rest of the house. The logic was (I was high when I thought of this probably) that if I desensitized their noses to the smell while they are sleeping, they won't smell it when they wake up. This has actually worked every single time I've done it. If I want to smoke during the day I will generally just leave the house but if I can't leave, I will just take a shower with the fan on and a towel at the door. Or I'll blow it out the window in my room with a fan, with a towel at the door, and just spray a bunch of stuff all around and on my clothes. I'll generally change clothes actually. The thing about being in your room is you never know when they might come in. I've tried the dryer sheet tube thing but it really sucks so don't use it unless you absolutely need to. 
  6. I speak from experience. Before you go off to smoke, take a minute to come up with a story as to where you where. Make it simple but always remember to plan ahead .
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  7. I used to sit on my window sill, with my torso fully out the window, whilst looping my arm through the smaller window above it, keeping the joint below and behind the window.
    Then i got lazy an just towelled the door, sat on my bed and blew the smoke in the vague direction of the window
  8. I got some stacked showboxes in my room. I put stuff in there cause thats a place my parents would never checkSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. This will solve all your problems.-Invest in a vaporizer that's small yet effective (MFLB for example). Very little smell, very stealthy, portable.-Mason jar for stash (air tight to cover smell)-small grinderPut this all in a bag or box with a drier sheet in literal plain sight. They will never suspect you leaving it right out. Works like a charm.Good luck ;)Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  10. i just open my window and blow the smoke out of it. my window is huge though and my room is on the opposite end of the house as my parents room. so that works for me, but may not work for others.
  11. Recently got caught because my mom went through my text messages and saw me and my stoner friend talking about weed. I managed to come up with a lie pretty fast. I told her that I was getting interested into political topics and I started researching controversial issues such as the legalization of cannabis. To my complete surprise, she bought it.
    Moral of the story, delete text messages or keep your phone with you at all times if your parents have been known to be nosy. I never smoke at my house, I always do it at a friends house.
    Anyways, I'm probably going to be forced to go on a few months tolerance break. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to suck it up.
  12. Smoke in your room
  13. I used to just tell them I was going on a walk or taking the dog out. I'd be able to smoke a bowl and a cig then after the walk the smell would sorta fade off. I never got caught like that. Now I just smoke it in my car and roll the windows down to air it out.

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  14. fuck using a pipe, use aluminum foil becuase it easily is disposed of.   yeah yeah I know it's not good but better than having a "drug talk".  If youre going to use a pipe you should get one of those small metal ones that can be taken apart which will fit nicely inside a pill bottle once disassembled
  15. I keep my bong at my main smoking buddys house and a little baggy with all the little stuff just tucked away in my backpack. Most parents won't just go through all your stuff so its no use getting all stealth about it.

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  16. How to not get caught: buy a vape.

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