Tips To Not Get Caught By Parents

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  1. My mom is crazy and has never smoked (anything) and so she really expects me not too. I've never been caught though. When I have to smoke at home I open the window and blow all my smoke out of it, the neighbor smokes weed regularly ( I can smell it ) so he doesn't mind what so ever. The whole time I'm smoking I have my music playing, my ceiling fan on high, and a shirt covering the bottom crack of the door. After I'm done smoking I get a box fan, aim it at the window and turn it on high. I found that downy wrinkle releaser spray shit covers smell much better then febreeze! Toke on:)
  2. Im really cool with my rents, I was a crazy ass a kid so when I come home high im just really confident and just be a goofball and they laugh- im home free not caught
  3. a tip, no matter how high you get, do not have a open drug talk with your parents. it will bite you in the ass.
  4. i was lookin for some tips to keep the smell down in my room. im 17 and a single child with two parents who can smell just the slightest hint of weed and everything was going fine for a while. I have a grav bong and use it every day with my dank and had no problems for 2 months. i use gum eyedrops and all that shit but some how my room smelled like weed the next day. blowin the smoke through a sploof out my window works great. but the smell cant linger that long. does your grav just start to reik after a while ?
  5. yo me toooooooo lol

  6. Dog this is the dumbest thing I've ever read. If you smoke inside a building no matter if you got fa breeze a sploof or a fan, it's gonna smell vibrantly like weed.
  7. Act high all the time so when you are your fine
  8. I dont think anyones ever mentioned this but like what kinds of pads do your rents have? Im the only one in my family in the basement, and its a two story house, I got a window so I stand on a stool, rip the shit, then just stick out my window, I used to use sploofs but I find them unnecessary cause of the space between me and my sleeping family. I plug my heating vent and towel the door also.
  9. Here's what I used to do back when I was living with my mom.

    I used to hang a heavy beach towel (thumb tacks work best) over the window in my room so that the beach towel hangs maybe 2 or 3 inches below the window sill and I used to drape the towel behind my back and smoke with the window open.

    That way the smoke couldn't perforate around my room, it only went out the window because it was trapped by the beach towel.
  10. get to college
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    Stop using illegal drugs and become a mormon.
    You can't get caught if you don't do anything illegal.
    Well actually you still could say ur mormon but do drugs. who the fuck suspects mormons of anything other than door to door harasment and entertaining chat rooms.

    IMAGINE A FUCKING MORMON DRUG DEALER, I'm fucking onto something.
  12. Haha I have a tree house about 100 feet away from the house with a door on the side. It's perfect because Noone ever goes up there

  13. Damn seriously? I don't have a window in my bathroom and I wasn't sure if this method would really work. Is it too risky? My parents room is right down the hall. Wouldn't the smell/smoke seep into the hallway carpet and make the house smell like pot?

    Also should you have a hot shower going with the bathroom full of steam while you toke?
  14. i would not recommend you to play music for one reason, when I am smoking (not when I'm high, just when I'm in the act of smoking) I'm pretty paranoid. therefore I need to be able to hear ANY footsteps or doors opening at all times. also, something i find very useful, is to put everything you don't need for smoking (papers, grinder) away, BEFORE you start smoking. for example, i will roll a joint, then put everything but the joint away before sparking it, this is so if i DO hear someone coming, all i need to do it hide the J, not the J, grinder, weed, baggy etc. this can also be applied to bowls/bongs
  15. THIS! once i get baked, idgaf about anything and leave shit out in the open. thats how i got caught.. damn college habits. back in my dorm, we'd leave the bong out, a case of beer and my RA didn't give a shit.
  17. Lmao you are high as hekk
  18. Man I used to get creative and would store everything in different spots the herb in my bed like I cut a hole in my matress and put it in here and sometimes when I forgot where I put my pipe I just made an apple pipe and smoked my herb to the dome. The thing I like about apple you know what's in it...two you can make one in less than 3mins...three you smoke it and it gives the herb an apple type flavor...four your smoke comes a little less harsh like it doesn't make you cough so much...five the cost is inexpensive like I bought 5 apple medium sized for less than $1...six it is an instant snack so after your good and gone take a bite and no cotton mouth plus apples have like no calories and are good for you regardless just don't bite near the herb spot and your good then go outside and chuck it as hard as you can in any direction. Your good too go. Oh also quick tip to those who lose their eye drops or don't like using them. Stare in the mirror and keep your eyes open don't blink for as long as humanly possible then when you feel tears coming out close your eyes slowly and rub both of them with your index finger slowly and when you open them they should be ridiculously less red or normal white. I found this out one day after not having slept for over 72 hours my eyes were redder than the devil's dick and I looked in the mirror did this and wala instant transformation lol

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    I've known about 3 mormon dealers. All cool as fuck.
  20. I wish I knew about this site when I was ten lol my parents havn't bugged me about smoking weed since I was 14 or so. What I used to do though is go in the bathroom and turn on the shower, used a one hitter quitter cig thingy and blow the smoke in the shower stream. Seemed to work, don't rely on this method though I remember one time I smoked a cig the same way and my lil sister's friend snitched on me... bitch... But maybe it was bcuz cigarettes smell worse or bcuz the one hitter wasn't as much smoke?
    Oh well fuck it now I just lay in bed and rip the bong. If you smoke reggie out the bong it leaves virtually no smell, my mom came in one time right after I hit the bong. I heard her open the door and quickly put it on the other side of the bed. She didn't say shit about nothing lol, but idk if she doesn't care or she didn't smell it lol. Anyways to me, I can't smell shit. Ill smoke a few bowls then go do something and come back a few minutes later n it smells like nothing. Dro however leaves a little bit of a smell, only for about 5-10 minutes though,
    While reading this thread I remembered smoking weed in jail. The tank wasn't that big, it had I think 8 bunks lined up against the wall and 4 next to that then toilets and a shower, it really wasn't that big. We'd go in the corner and toke up when street flava came on(Houston tv show with latest music videos) we called it goin to the club lol you get fuckin bored in there. But the gaurds never smelled a damn thing. Now that I think of it, the tray slot on the cell door always had arctic gusts of air flowing in, so maybe that's why the smell never circulated around to the picket. I was right under the vent, I could smell other tanks on the cellblock makin tattoo ink or smoking weed/spice/cigs lol One time the sargent even came in right after someone finished blazing in the corner and she didn't smell anything. I don't know why the smell doesn't travel in there, maybe its bcuz the smell of piss and shit over powers it. But I remember the first time I saw someone smoke weed in jail I was like damn the gaurds fixin to come in here and rape us, I was in my bunk in the corner and they were in the corner on the other side and I didn't smell anything at all for about ten minutes then I smelled a really faint hint of bud. I don't know it's probably all the fuckin air blowin everywhere all the time that kills the smell.

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