Tips To Not Get Caught By Parents

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  1. Don't smoke a j on the side of your house and step on the dog on your way in, waking everyone up. I did this last night and came so close to getting rolled:rolleyes:
  2. My backyard is about 10 acres of woods, so I just take a walk any time of the day I want and blaze :bongin:
  3. dude you sound like theShamwow guy when you write. no offense but it's hilarious
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    i toke in my bathroom alot. turn the fan on and take some little speakers and an ipod in, perfect. so i keep my mini bong (5in tall) and tiny my ass pipe (2in) in there and just hide it behind shit in the cupboard. i keep my bigger bong (1 footer) and big pipe (8in) in my room with my box of bud. i take the side pannel off my computer and put my herb and bong stem box and all that stuff in there. then i put my bong in the cardboard box it came in and put it at the top of my closet. blends in with all the crap i store up there. pipe fits in the box with the bong too. also put a towel at the crack at the bottom of the door.

    #1 place i suggest though is inside the computer. i PROMISE no one will EVER look in there.

    Toke on 8)
  5. The best place for me is the rockband guitar thing. Just open up the screws an put your shit and some dryer sheets. Btw this thread has been going on for 6 years...
  6. Haha I have the same set up as you, I put my bud in my tape deck and until I broke my dear friend harry bubbler I always smoked in the shower
  7. this is my strategy

    1) have multiple hiding spots for each item ( i use a home-made gravity bong )
    - keep a plastic bottle with holes in it in a box, change every 2 or 3 days
    - box of teck-decks (mini skateboards) on a layer overtop of my plastic medication container i put my nug in (kills smell and looks sick) along with scissors, tweezers, lighter, bowl .etc in another box in the closet
    - empty washed out peanutbutter container for bongwater under my chair, ijust wash it out til it doesnt smell then leave it on the floor (just say its a backup drinking cup)

    now when these are out and im smoking, i have certain hiding spots where i know my parents wont look if they barge in to my room real quick. for example if i hear my parents coming i have pillows aligned up against my window facing my tv where i will stash my box with my nug ALWAYS put back into the container. the bowl and lighter ill put under a mousepad or something, or just a pillow. if i have a plastic bottle OUT of the peanutbutter container (aka i just finished a toke) and i dont have time to put it back in, ill either put it on the window ledge (where i smoke out of, pillows and curtains cover it while it airs out) or under a pillow.

    if its still in the container of water i have a corner i can hide it between my desk and garbage can.

    2. after every toke, put everything into a temporary hiding spot (incase people barge in). this way your completely safe JUST INCASE. even if you forget, if you have a pre-determined hiding spot for everything you should be able to clean up pretty fast

    3. smoke between the open window and curtain (if you smoke in your room like me atleast), so that the air bounces off the curtain and back outside (instead of blowing around in my room). always place cherried bowls or your toking tool if smoke is still coming out of it where it can air out safely. its like hotboxing your window with the curtain so the smoke doesnt blow around your room.

    4. always have an excuse for the smell (just incase). since i go hiking alot i blame the smoke smell on campfire smell from my coat, gloves, hoody, hat and other clothes sometimes. as for skunk ill say the dog went vomit or i have a stale piece of pizza stuck behind the bed or something. really get into it and swear alot at how much you hate the smell should seal the deal. also try to be like "here ill spray this shit" and spray some axe or other cologne really quick like nuts

    5. always be doing something when they come through the door. this is the part i fuck up all the time, my dad will come in and ill be sitting baked off my ass staring at the wall. i freeze up trying to do something, so now i always have something to do. ill throw the xbox controller and headset on and pretend im going through the xbox dashboard and shit. or ill have headphones in and looking at somethin on the computer, or watching tv while eating. if im standing up and dont have time ill grab a plate or glass and put it outside my door just as someones coming in (this is pretty terrible but if all else fails you cant be caught standing there eyes red as fuck doing nothing)

    6. dont forget the small details and little rules

    - dont leave anything out. until everything is away, keep it hidden
    - keep door closed, sometimes put shirt under door if smells bad but dont forget it
    - dont spill your fucking bong water
    - dont be caught putting something away or making loud noises where parents can find a pattern (i.e box opening and closing same time every night, leaving to dump bongwater immediately afterwards .etc) dont be predictable, mix it up
    - clean up ashes, stems .etc
    - make sure nug is always concealed and not left open to reak

    7. distractions

    - do you have work tonight?
    - is it supposed to snow tomorrow?
    - "fuck theres nothing on tv"

  8. I have a similar strategy to yours FMJ, I keep my weed/hash in a cigar box, my parents are used to seeing that cigar box around and think it's empty so it's safe (I hide it anyway) together with my pipe, rolling papers, tweezers, whatever i need (keep a paperclip in there, instant poker/scraper/tweezers/whatever. I also come up with excuses before i start packing/rolling/heating the hash, I turn on the tv, some music, start playing some games and put them on pause so if anyone walks in while i'm getting my shit ready they won't suspect of anything. Then I go in the bathroom with my sploof, turn on the vent, and light up, exhale through sploof, works everytime
  9. Anyone have a fireplace? that is the perfect spot!, I load my bong up on a big granite tile right next to it and to avoid someone seeing it if the lights are on I break it up into hits and spread them apart, and if someone comes just put it on the side or throw it to the back if your paranoid and just say that your cold... I've NEVER been caught there or anything close to caught
  10. I dont have to hide it anymore:smoke:
  11. +rep gotta try that
  12. I found the best ay was to pack smaller bowls rip them right through so there is no residual smoke, hold it in as long as possible and then use a sploof through a window. I also smoke in my room in the basement, theres no doors or anything though so its not as easy as it seems but I have yet to have a problem with smell.
  13. QFT (well IMO that's the fun part that we have to get high to use these drastic measures like my parents right now have went groccery shopping and now they're back home, and I can hear them now. Fuck I gotta go i'll tell you the story later.

  14. I put mine in my legendary master chief helmet while inside a gamecase :D
  15. heres my method for smoking in my bathroom upstairs:
    1. put one end of a hookah hose out the window, keeping the other end inside. close the window as much as it will go
    2. light a candle
    3. pack one-hitters so there is no excess smoke coming from the cherried bowl
    4. rip a one-hitter, hold it in for awhile, then exhale through the hookah hose. (the smoke goes outside but the window is pretty much closed so it cant come back in)
    5. after you are done smoking, put everything away and close the window
    6. spray some febreeze and keep the candle burning
    gets the job done for me :smoke:
  16. best place to store weed= ammo cans, there airtight
  17. I'm a college kid who lives with his parents. I'm also kinda a nerd, who loves finding random apps for my android. Of the apps I have I've noticed some that are quite useful for hiding weed situations. I'd like to share them with you :)

    Helpful Android apps:

    1. Shady SMS - This is a SMS application that doesn't have an icon to launch it. You have to call "123" (without quotes. Can be changed to whatever you like after you use 123 first) in your android phone's dialer and it will open the app. In it you can have secret text messages (pickup texts), as well as secret contacts (i.e. weed dealers, friends who talk about weed, etc.). All calls and texts made/received from this app do NOT appear in call logs/text logs ANYWHERE else.

    2. SECuRET LiveStream (FYI THIS ONES KINDA OVER THE TOP. I DONT PERSONALLY USE IT BUT I KNOW THERE ARE SOME DESPERATE PPL THAT WOULD ;)) - Will allow you to use your android phone as a surveillance camera (like CC-TV) that you can stream to your computer via wifi (phone and comp must be connected to same network). You can see if your parents are on the move.

    3. Motion and Sound Alarm (less sketch than app above) - With this app you can set your phone down in front of your door, or down the hallway, or in the garage for when parents come home, and it will act as a sound/motion detector and can either call a secondary number to warn you, or send an email out to do the same (works surprisingly fast on WiFi).

    Hope this helps some ;)
  18. A tip for those in older homes with basements.

    A lot of times the chiminey (or 2 or 3) run all the way to the basement and have a little side door to use as a clean out.
    It allows you to open the door, blow the smoke in there and away it goes out of your roof top. :smoke:
  19. I just recently invested in the "smoke buddy" which is a personal air filter for smoking and it works great. I can smoke in my room and car now with no worries. I highly recommend this to anyone worried about being caught. I bought it at a smoke shop for 30 bucks but they're available online at for 20. Hope this helps.

    I just can't wait for the day when I can just sit in my living room, pack a fat fuckin bowl and toke with no worries.

  20. I have a really old Macintosh Tower that I can open without screws took out the HDD, Powersupply and other things. I keep my, pipe, stash, litters, candy, moneys too. The great thing is that it's still kinda heavy so its not super lite and people aren't suspicious.

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