Tips To Not Get Caught By Parents

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  1. ok, well, i decided to start a little thread on how to cover your ass if you have to hide it from the parents, feel free to post and add on, but here are some of my tips to not getting caught (lol, even tho im writing this i dont use half of this anymore as my parents are cool with it now)

    So you wanna smoke at home eh?

    1.Hide your shit, i suggest getting a little pencil bag, and putting everything that relates to pot, in it, find a good spot thats suitable for it, avoid the cliche spots like under the bed or somewhere where you think they will look first. Put a bounce sheet in the bag too, because often times i can smell my pipe when its on my shelf . When everything is together it makes smoking go alot easier as well

    2.Got a garage? smoke in their, if your really wanna mask the smell use the "sneak-a-toke"
    use a paper towell roll, stuff like 5 bounce sheets in the middle, blow the smoke through there, the smell is just like bounce, with a tiny hint of pot, perfect.

    3.Do it in the shower, got a window in your bathroom? blow it out that, still paranoid about smell? use the "sneak-a-toke" then take a nice hot shower, stoned, and it will feel good, use your soap and maybe shave afterwards, your bathroom will smell of soap and shaving cream before it will smell like pot.

    4.Throw all shit away, dont leave baggies around, or leave little nipped tips of joints on your desk or someshit, hard to remember while stoned yes, but worth avoiding confrontation if your mums finds it.

    5.Go to hobby lobby or some crafts store(or a headshop) and get a nice jar to put your buds in, no baggies to deal with, plus the inside gets kiefed to shit. some dank smells goooood but strong, a nice jar keeps the smell concealed A week or so ago i found a cool jar that is a lightbulb, the metal part screws off and i put my buds in there, it also fits in a normal socket.

    6.Eye Drops and Gum or mints. Get into the practice of learning to put eyedrops in, the begining few times youll waste half the bottle and only get it in one eye, but once you get it down, there usefull. I used to HATE them, i couldnt even get them in, the other day walking back to school i put them in walking up a hill, now thats skill, lol

    MORE ADDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pretty stoned and forgot most of what i wanted to write, ever do that, have a good idea, then forget about it 10 secs later, lol, i pulled one of those

    7. INVEST IN A SMALL PIPE-having a small hideable pipe is handy, not only do you have a nice little piece, but you dont have to bother making anything out of foil, or rolling a joint/blunt, often times when being discreet at home thats not the best option. Ive picked up a nice metal one for about 7$, and a small glass one for about 15$

    8. Like some poeple said below, find a nifty stash like a PS2 or somthing, if you dont have one, heres some reccomendations
    -Got a little stereo/cd player thing? open the battery compartment and put your piece or some herbs in there
    -VCR's make great hiding places, you might want to make sure its off or not working, just shove your baggy in there and try not to stick a tape in there, lol
    -Dressers, although horrible to stuff shit in the drawers, you can take the drawers out, then put whatever you need in, then put the drawer back in.
    -Heating vents on the floor are good, most come off easily and you can just throw a little stash bag their.
    -----The best place I stashed my stuff was in the little closet thing under the bathroom sink, often times thats the last place anyone will look, also, if your parents are anal, then the bathroom is an exellent place for privacy, go take a shit and roll a few J's, your moms not gonna go in after a fresh dump, lol

    ------post some good ideas people----------
    as for me, i have a little dilema, lol, im tryin to find my mom and dads stash, they have a little tray thats always under the bed, and sometimes theres a big ass bag chalk full of pot, and other times theres just a buncha seeds and a pack of zig zags, i know where they keep all their pipes and bong and shit, but there stash remains a mystery(although its schwaag, and im a dank regular, sometimes i find myself dry and willing to smoke anything)
  2. i would recomend a small bottle of CLUB MED colgne very powerful and it can easily fit in your pocket another thing i woujld say is do not portray yourself as some anti-pot nazi this WILL make your parents suspect you of doing something wrong
  3. my friend told me about this, theres a lil box behind your ps2 where u can open and put stuff in. its cool i hide my zig zags and n in there
  4. lol ya i know man...i hide my shit in my ps2 occasionaly its pretty nifty
  5. that what i do, but if you have the now slim ones that come internet ready wont work, and if you buy the thing that allows yyou to go play oinline then you cant fit in there, and some times that will make my por super dry(from the heat from the ps2) and taste like shit when its smoked. but if you dont play for more then like an hour its fine, i normally leave mine on the consoul scrren alll teh time
  6. i've never thought of using a PS2, thats a good idea.
  7. Smoking in my room, i would rather smoke a bowl on my bed just chillin than anywhere else, but for some, its hella dangerous, just take this into consideration

    is your house newer? mine is, its got reverse air ducts in every room except the big areas and bathrooms, there usually mounted on the wall towards the floor. BE SURE TO COVER THAT because if your smoking, and the heater goes on, your covers blown, it re-circulates air through the whole house, i can always tell when my parents are smoking because they dont care, or dont realize that this happens, and my room and about the whole house smells of pot,

    lol, last night when my buddy picked me up, he says to me "dude, you smell like your house" i said "what, whats my house smell like" and he says "dude, like pot and incense" haha, stoner parents, what can i say lol
  8. Maybe Its Just Me But.....i Just Quit When I Was At Home. Or I Made Sure Everyone Was Gonna Be Out Of The House For A Few Hours And Went Outside And Blew A Blunt Or Whateveri Had. Show Some Respect For Your Parents Holmes....roll Up A Blunt And Walk Outside To Smoke If You Wanna Get High
  9. yea, it was risky, i would only smoke inside when my parents were sleeping, but now, they could care less, i got caught a couple times, and then they said they realized they were being hypocrits and just dont care now
  10. Only when my parents are out I smoke in my room with the window open ,towel underdoor, and bounty tube. If my parents are home and are asleep i go on the balcony.
  11. Lol, I really can't help but to ask you why you capitalized like every word in that post.

  13. I have 2 bass's and 2 acoustic guitars. In the electric bass's, I turn them over and get a mini screw driver (When i cant find one, i get a mini parring knife) and I open the thing to the controls. know, make sure your pipe is clean, put j's in a bag, and NO LOOSE POT! It will fuck up the controls. Also, put down cotton before you put in the shit to protect your controls. When you put in for shit, cover it up with more cotton till its full. That make it packed in there and it wont move and make sounds.

    As for the acoustic, take your shit (ALL) in one bag and stick it in the sound hole. Right next to the sound hole, tape it up there. Its only noticable if you pick it up.
  14. I usually get caught by being chink eye'd, not by my stash or actually smoking it.. i just say im going outside for a little bit and smoke real quick, not too hard.
  15. an awsome spot is in your tape deck in your boombox. At least for me bc i never use that outdated shit. And if you have a fan in your bathroom turn it on, stand on the toliet or get a stool and blow all your hits slowly into the fan, you can watch it suck out all the smoke. You dont even have to open a window and it will not leave a trace of a scent. I smoke 3 bowls like this once and my dad walked in no more then a minute after i was done and he didnt notice shit.
  16. be careful of this tho, lol, one time my friend used the fan, and little did he know the fan blew out right by his parents window, so it helps to kinda investigate where it goes, good idea none the less
    then take a big ass shit, noone would wanna walk in their anyways, lol
  17. Just smoke in your room with a shirt under the door. Open a window, have a fan pointing out of it, and blow the smoke out the window. Have some music playing so the sound of a fan or a window opening or a lighter flicking isnt as noticable. Then just spray some axe. This will eliminate any smell from going anywhere else in the house, but your room will still smell a little bit axe+weed hybrid stench.
  18. i hide all my shit in a a tupperware container, its air tight so no smell gets out plus it keeps my bud nice and fresh
  19. lol, yea i axe it up after each sesh in my room, after a while, be careful smokin in your room, mine takes on this pot smell all the time, which is cool, but some people may not want that
    (i think my rooms bad, my mom and dads just has the constant smell of ganja!! lol)
  20. Obviously, the best thing to do is to smoke as far away from the house and your parents as possible. But most times, I just can't or don't want to do that. I don't want to have to drive somewhere just to smoke. So I've been having to smoke in this tiny little house with my (very paranoid) parent's room just a few feet away from me for a long time now, and I've never been caught yet. I don't use the doob tube (the tube w/the snuggle sheets) bc the smoke still smells like weed imo. And my parents would go nuts if they smelled even the tiniest hint of weed.

    So my strategy is to try to contain the smoke as much as possible. No smoke, no smell. I have a closet, so I smoke entirely in there. I only use a bong or a pipe bc a joint releases too much smoke. I take my hit, then cover the bowl with a quarter. This extinguishes the bowl quickly so that it doesn't keep burning and emitting smoke. Then I open the empty pillowcase, try to form a seal over my mouth (or at least just make sure you're blowing completely into the pillowcase), and exhale into the pillowcase. The pillowcase contains the smoke pretty well imo. Then I close off the top so that the smoke doesn't flow out. Sometimes I'd keep inhaling the smoke inside, recycling the smoke. This gave me more of a buzz, plus it further dissapated the amount of smoke inside the pillowcase. Then I close the closet when I'm done. The smoke smell barely even leaves the closet, so it barely (if at all) leaves my room.

    So here's what I recommend if you've got really paranoid parents:
    -Designate an area to smoke in or to keep your weed stuff. This way you can keep track of things easily.
    -Use a bong or a pipe. Remember to keep your bong bubbling volume down. Even I forget this sometimes. I wouldn't know what to say if they asked what that sound was.
    -Cover bowl (or extinguish the bowl any way you want) immediately after you take your hit
    -Exhale into a pillowcase
    -Close closet doors when finished
    -Put a towel or something under closet door and even your room door to make sure no smoke leaks out
    -Keep your room fragrant so that if a little bit of smoke leaks out of the closet, it will get dissipated by your room's smell. imo the best odor covering thing is food.

    Here's what I don't recommend:
    -Doob tube: Lets out a lot of smoke, weed smell still detectable.
    -Joints: Emits too much smoke/smell
    -Blowing outside windows: The wind can change direction or smoke can still float/leak to your parent's/shared bathroom window.

    Note: Everybody's parents are different. Some might be more oblivious than others. But it's always a good idea to overestimate how acute your parents' senses are. It's better to be safe than sorry. Having to blow into a pillowcase might seem demeaning or something, but it really does work. And if you have ultra-sensitive parents like mine, you're gonna want something that works.

    Sorry this is so long...You can tell when I'm high cause I always write really long posts. ANyway, I was wondering if anybody knew anything about fans. I have one in my room, but I never know which direction to face it at. Facing away from where I'm smoking or towards it?
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