Tips to determine harvest (with pictures)

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  1. Hey guys this is my first grow and my 2 females have been in flower for about 7 weeks and i wilk be linking pics to the pieces i sampled for trichrome testing. Sorry i dont have thr greatest zoom but please let me know where im at ! enjoy your day you wonderful people.

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  2. Trichomes on leaves wont tell you. You always need to look at the actual buds for color or milkiness.
    Is it possible to get a pic of your actual plant or the colas so we can see what the buds look like?
  3. Screenshot_20190512-183934_Chrome.jpg this is by far the best guide I've found in regards to what your looking for.
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  4. Yes sir

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  5. By the way the leaves i snipped were sugar leaves connected to the buds so that was the closest i could sample without damaging the buds too much
  6. Examine the buds, not the sugar leaves. Leaves will amber before the bud.
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  7. As somone whos harvested for over 10 years and has done it every way shape or form i can tell you its perhaps one of the most important things. Alot of new growers cut down way way to early bc they just look at the trichomes. If i just went off the trichs id be loosing out on alot of weight. You flower density dosent really happen until late flower. And the trichomes will stay cloudy for some time b4 they degrade a bit. Every strain and phenotype is diffrent so getting familiar with a strain really helps. And just bc your buds look solid dosent mean they are. I squeeze my buds and dont even consider cutting them down until my buds are like a rock that way i dont loose 50% of my bud size after drying. You gotta find that perfect ballence of potency and density. Personally ill sacrifice a bit of potency for alot more flower desity and weight but thats just my preferred method of choice. I dont like to see any white hairs at all bc that usually means shes not matured yet. But strains vary. Many growers look up on google when to tell its harvest time and allll the info is aimed towards Trichomes and not making sure your plants matured and stopped growing and filling out. The last 2 weeks b4 i harvest the plant dosent really grow. The buds just get solid. Then thats when i decide to look at the trichomes. But this is just my opinion everybody does things diffeently. Its all based on what you want from your plant. Hope this helps.
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  8. Yes indeed!
  9. Only check calyx not the leafs! U got a month. They haven't fattened up. Good time to give them some pk booster like fox Beastie blooms etc

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  10. If they look anything like the pics above you have a ways to go. They are stfill growing and filling out. My sour livers have been taking a bit longer than most to rippen and they look similiar to yours above. Heres some pics of them and then a pic of my OG kushs that are just about ready and the Double grape as you can see they are getting solid. No white hairs on the buds pointing outward. 20190901_001249.jpg 20190901_001249.jpg 20190901_001543.jpg 20190831_231612.jpg 20190816_011323.jpg
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  11. Agreed.I use overdrive and liquid w8 they really work good for me. But also calmag has alot to do with flower density and alot of ppl overlook it. Nice to see other growers that value density like i do lol.
  12. Wow those are gorgeous!!! Thank you for the info and comparison!! When trichromes amber is it visible to the naked eye because of the color difference or is a loop still necessary. For me its just hard to really get in there and see
  13. Is there anything i can use in place of cal mag? Or would it be easier to just order some offline?
  14. On amazon they have a little mini microscope for like 15 bucks. Thats what i have and its great. You cant really see them with naked eye.
  15. Botonicare calmag plus is great. Theres not really anything that substitutes it. Cannabis plants love calmag and it helps cure alot of deficencys. Ive used all of the o es on the market and i have best results with botonicare calmag plus. I have AN calmag extra but its too nitrogen rich for me. Green planets procal is great but almost identical to Botonicares. A 1 litre lasts awhile and its like 15$ i think.
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  16. Thanks for the knowledge man im assuming I can order off Amazon lol?
  17. Hell yea bro i order almost everything through amazon. I have prime 2 day shipping. If you want free 2 day shipping make a new email and get your free 30 day membership and end it right after you get it. Lol. I did that for years b4 finally just paying for it.
  18. “His name was Robert pulson”
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  19. Lol finally somone that caught it. Ive had 8tg his handle for years on other networks and nobodys ever noticed. Public enemy number 1.
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