Tips on using my vaporizer?

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  1. IMG_1993.PNG Just recently I decided to move on from using a bowl to using a dry herb vaporizer once I heard good praise of them around my city. After being excited for it to arrive for a few days it finally came in yesterday and I was impressed. I purchased the "Focusvape" and it came with everything I needed. Once getting home I charged it up all the way and loaded some cannabis into the chamber and gave it a whirl. I was semi disappointed with my results because with the amount of weed I used trying to get High with the pen would have gotten me baked with a bowl. Is there something I may be doing wrong? Note I did grind it up pretty fine and my temp specs range from 320 to 428. The cannabis was also dryer than I usually smoke because I read that with dryer herb it helps vaporize it. Thank you for any tips or things you can point out I did wrong.
  2. What's the colour of the abv you get? Do you get a lot of vapour out of each bowl?
    I'm always of the idea the moister flower is better for vaporizing, as from drier I always only had little clouds and a poor high, but I don't have any link or study to prove it, so don't take it as gold.also try instead of grinding to insert whole lil nugs, and stir the bowl when possible. By stirring you will easily break the nugs in dust but at the same time without grinding you don't break all those lovely pistils which you can collect in kief.
    Stirring is also important, if you fail to do so, you will have uneven abv and parts of the bowl unvaped.
  3. Usually I get a darker brown, but I've only smoked About 1g in it since I got it. I didn't really get much vapor though so that may be the problem. I also didn't stir it either so I'm glad you advised me to. So best thing to do is break it up with my fingers and stir it up? When I used it the other night it was Grinded but it was evenly brownish.
  4. this is what I got last night, for some reason I get no vapor on any of the temps besides the highest one. Can anyone explain?

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  5. You're probably just inhaling harder than your little vape can handle. Pay attention to how hard you're inhaling. startoff inhaling softly, kinda like sipping a cup of tea. the vapor shouldn't be as harsh as smoke because it is much cooler. There is a learning curb to all vapes you'll get it Just let the temp build up and feel for it with your mouth and pay attention to how much you blow
  6. The abv is quite dark, you should get quite stoned from it. In regards to the clouds, between puffs are you giving your vape at least 30/40sec? Don't try to pull all the times, give it time to heat the herb and produce some vapour. I was doing this mistake when I started, understood the right technique with time. You can also try covering the intake hole, that should produce some extra vapour but cook the herb faster.
  7. Yes, I actually was hitting it back to back pretty hard. I appreciate you guys, just got off work and about to go into a smoke sesh. Keep you updated!
  8. I tried hitting it lighter and waited a bit longer inbetween hits, I didn't really feel much. Messed with the temps a bit but all in all I just tasted the bud. Wish I could figure it out, hate wasting bud just fiddling.
  9. Throw it in a pipe or add it to your food once it's vaped or caps u can still use it
  10. I find that "sipping" like from a straw is the best method for pulling a nice hit. It really depends on the vape. Most vapers will advise slow and steady pulls. Good luck and don't give up.

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