Tips on Seeds & Growing in my climate???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Zascar, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. Hi,

    I just came accross and got very excited about the amount and variety of seeds available! I want to try to grow my own, but I live in ireland, where the climate is not exactly ideal. However i am lucky enough to have my mum to grow them for me in her greenhouse.

    I was just wondering if anyone can give me advice on specific plans that would grow well in my type of climate and conditions (The greedhouse is plastic, I think they call is a cold house...)

  2. i would think 2s of geting thim online thay can always trace u back just get thim from good shit that u smoke if u smoke swag ask your people where the good bud is at then just grow thouse seeds atlest thats the smart way of doing it safe to all plants pruty much grow in the some climet tack or give if u should just get some good grow lights u need 50watts per square feet hope ur able to grow good bud gooooood luck and the best thing to do is if u have any ?s ask on the forum
  3. I've bought from, on advice from many people in this forum, and was not disappointed. You can send them cash in registered post, so credit card to trace, and I had them delivered to work to save getting a delivery to my grow address. The packaging is so good no-one would know.

    Maybe pm mcurry on outdoor growing, or think about indoor so you can control the climate. You'll be limited in what and when you can grow if you stay outdoors. Probably wouldn't be looking to start them off until April / May.

  4. its cool that u can get thim cash so its a litttle safer but it really does not matter that can see what web site your going on or anything in that mater were at risk talkin on this forum if you want to read more about it go to on security FAQ your never safe so its all ways good to try your hardist to be just think is thay ever run up on u u can get some bad times so be safe
  5. I don't know your situation although you can create your own climate as I'm sure you know. I'm growing during the heat of a tropical summer in my garrage. I use A/C's and Water Coolers to keep temps down. It's looking great also.
  6. No body got into trouble even after the over grow servers were seized by the FBI.

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