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  1. I'm trying to quit smoking cigs (not weed :)) and I was wondering if any of you non smokers had any tips
  2. I just quit a month ago, after a class in nursing school about cancer. I wasn't much of a smoker to begin with (~1/day most days, but I'd go through half a pack if I was getting drunk)...

    I just stopped one day. Lent out my last few cigs...kept 1 for myself for when I absolutely needed it.

    After a week or so of not smoking, they actually taste really horrible (I bummed a newport off of some black dude at the They made me cough up nasty stuff. Now I've convinced myself that's what's gonna happen if I smoke another one.

    Just keep in mind that you are the one in control and there's no one holding a gun to your head telling you to light that cig. It will suck for a week or two or three...fuck, I still think about cigs...but you have to make a decision that cigs are stupid (you know they are!!) and that you're going to quit.
  3. Try just making the motion of smoking with a cigarette butt. Half of the addiction is just the motion and oral fixation. You could try the gum or e cigarettes but I've heard they dint work that well. My dad quit smoking 3 packs a day with nicorette gum but ended up getting addicted to the gum though. He's been chewing it for years
  4. Thanks I think every time I crave a cigarette I'll just pack a fat bowl and smoke that instead hahahaha :)
  5. mix ya weed with some tobaco if you dont already :)

    thats what i did and barely noticed
  6. Get an eletric ciggarette !

    I have one and it's awesome.
  7. Here's my tip: think about cigarettes as little as possible! In other words, don't make threads about them ;)
  8. But that still doesn't solve the how to quit smoking tobacco.

    I went cold turkey, first few days/weeks kinda sucked. But I decided that I was ready to quit, so it turned more into a mind over matter situation. I convinced myself that they made me feel ill/gross, so it really just isn't what it used to me.

    There are days though that I seriously miss having a smoke with my coffee. But I smoke a joint instead haha.
  9. get prescribed Chantix.
    It works. Well.
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    [quote name='"MrBananagrabber"']get prescribed Chantix.
    It works. Well I'm too old to go to the doctor
  11. You are under 18? Uh-oh :wave:
  12. I'd quickly edit that to I'm too old to go to the doctors
  13. I'm too old to go to the doctor
  14. Op if you want to stay a blade delete that post asap
  15. I'm actually going through this process right now. Tried the patches, gum, and lozenges. Hated the patches because I couldn't control the urge. I'm not big on gum to begin with, so that was a waste of my money. The lozenges seem to work best for me. The "mini" lozenges gave me super bad heart burn though, the larger "original" ones do give you a little bit of heartburn, but not nearly as bad.

    I've also kept my dugout full of weed, so every time I feel like I really need to smoke a cig, I just load up my batty and forget about it. This actually seems to satisfy my urge more than the lozenges. Probably because of the habit of smoking.
  16. Okay I'm confused. You're underage, and too old to go to the doctor? Huh?
  17. Why are you asking non-smokers how to quit? :laughing:

    Shouldn't you be asking ex-smokers?
  18. quit buying em. cant smoke something you dont have.
  19. I quit a little over a year ago, I had tried about fives to quit before I did. The last time I quit cold turkey and haven't had a cig since.

    Replace cigs with something else ie:gum,excercise,candy,lolli pops
    When you would normally go smoke(like for me it was after meals or when I first woke up, after sex. The times I "HAD" to have one) do something else. Automatically start chewing gum or whatever helps you you'll find something.

    If you go for nicotine cessation products, id go with the gum. I used all that stuff and ended up not using it the last time but the gum I think works best.

    Tips for those.
    You will have strange dreams, vivid nightmares lol.

    If you use the gum
    Chew it a bit and leave it in your lip or cheek.I liked the gum because it also satisfied the need to chew or like the oral fixation. I was also allergic to the adhesive in the patch lol.

    Keep youself busy. Tell people who care about you that you are quitting so they can hold you accountable. I think it makes it easier.

    Oh and if you crave cigs, remember what it does to your body. That usually worked for me, because the pictures you see are pretty discusting. The actual lungs are even worse. Just know your doing what's good for your body and you'll be able to do it.

    If you smoke again don't give up and just start again. Remember if you slip up you're still trying to quit and just try again
  20. You could smoke smegma instead

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