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Tips on not having stoner eyes

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by kianaaaaa, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I am an experienced smoker - I've smoked regularly for years, and can act perfectly normal while blazed in public, but I have pretty big eyes/eyelids and my eyes always look really droopy and blank, and obviously high. It doesn't matter how high I am either, because even when I'm just buzzed I get that smacked look.

    Any tips?
  2. For me i put in some eye drops. For me to not look completely stoned i kinda force my eyes open more so they dont look baked.
  3. Redness isn't really a problem for me, they don't get as red anymore. And yeah, I always try to make my eyes wider, but somehow my eyes still look too glossy or glazed or something.

    I use sunglasses for outside, but wearing them inside I've found is even more of a dead giveaway.
  4. Just tell people you are extremely happy... or just got laid.

    But seriously, I've never found a cure for my stoner eyes. I swear my eyelids stay glued like that for at least the first hour of my high.
  5. Tell people you're stoned. Then when you're able to function normally, they'll realize it's not like you're tripping out in a whole different universe like you're on acid or some shit.
  6. don't wake-n-bake...drink coffee and lots of water. Smoke in well-ventilated areas so it doesn't get in your eyes. Use common sense... :smoke:
  7. I use rohto eyedrops, they help refresh your eyes and get rid of redness. You'll look awake and alert. Not stoned and sleepy
  8. I agree, RoHTo is the shit. Other than that dont go out in public when you look all Cheeched out.
  9. When im fryed i keep em red and mine like bulge wide open. I like the looks i get. Especially when i just start laughing at random people
  10. Most relevant post I've seen all day
  11. There is this shot you rub under your eyes, it works wonders. I forget what it's called though. It has caffeine and tea. And something facial eye depuffer. Google eye depuffer, it's in a little blue case..
  12. *stuff not shot

  13. Hemmeroid cream.

    Spammer, dont worry, hes been reported to the mods.

  14. preparation h and eye drops are not good for long term use. better to avoid the problem than try to fix it afterwards. ounce of prevention, yada, yada...:smoke:
  15. Most eyedrops you find at Walgreens, and similar pharmacy stores are safe even with long term use. If your worried about it still just make sure you don't use them every time you smoke if discretion isn't necessary.
  16. Stoned eyes are part of the experience, part of the fun. Stare at people with your red eyes and be proud
  17. sunglasses man
  18. Dude, put some thin saline solution in only one eye, then you can just say something horrible got in my eye, and only one eye is red.
  19. I look high when I'm not, I have a droopy eye and I don't do too much eye contact.
  20. Yeah I hate eye contact, high or not, granted I'm normally high lol.

    Dont want stoney eyes, don't smoke untill nighttime my man.

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