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Tips on Joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CannabisSol, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. What's up Grasscity, I just joined here and i'm wondering, what are some ways I can make my joints last longer? You see, I love smoking blunts because they last so damn long, but they taste kinda funky sometimes, So thats when I get in the mood for joints, so anybody have tips?
  2. download the join rollers handbook... if u need more info on how to do so let me kno =)
  3. Yea, how would I go about downloading that?
  4. get a program called "utorrent" also get "peer guardian" download and install both...

    u can find both from google...
    i only recomend peer guardian for ur safety( when installed disable and check forupdates then enable it.)

    once installed

    go to or

    type in what u want

    make sure to read the comments on torrents before downloading to prevent virus's and spyware

    if u dont kno how to open some program let me kno.. i can guide u thru that too...

  5. Make them longer? Just overlap two papes lengthwise at the edge and lick the overlapping part to stick them together. These are harder to roll but you can probably use a pen or dollar bill or something if it's not working by hand.
  6. Try slow burning papers?
  7. Hes trying to make them LAST longer i believe. One way to do this is just make your js really dense. You can achieve this by, when your done rolling, pack the end down with a pencil or something, then pack more on top, repeat till your j is dense. I think this'll help.

    Although, as the person up there alluded to, making longer js will make them last longer. Refer to that post for how to do it.

    im high
  8. Thanks guys, I'm gonna try the overlapping idea and download that handbook
  9. If you wanna make your joint longer, you can set up two papers like this: [​IMG]

    This is called an L joint :)
  10. get on youtube. Make a smaller filter so you dont have to roll alot in a j
  11. get a kingsized paper jsut about as long as a blunt
  12. It's not quite as big, but it'll still get the job done. Although I hate Zig Zag for making the width a challenge.

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