Tips on Indicas?

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  1. I've almost always grown pure sativas. And if I grew something else it would be a sativa dominant hybrid.

    Though I got 2 Blueberrys from my cousin, and its 3 weeks in veg in an outdoor grow. I checked the sun chart of my area and all my plants will start flowering in early october.

    I just did a fim on one of them and left the other to grow naturally. I've only grown an indica once in my life and I was wondering if theres anything I should know.

    My plan is to fim/top and super crop consistently until the first week of September. In that same first week I'll clip all lower branches that dont get light to make clones. After that I'll just wait until harvest.

    So any tips, tricks, or suggestions? I'm willing to learn.

    A little list of what to do and what not to do would also suffice.


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  2. Indicas are going to finish way earlier. I live in Oregon so the only thing I grow is Indica and Indica-dominant hybrids as Sativas just finish too late. They really don't differ much as far as fimming or what you need to do during growth. The only difference really is that you will be starting and finishing flowering much earlier. Most pure indicas will be done around mid-late Oct (depending on where you live) where as some Sativas can go as far as early Dec. Indicas are also generally significantly easier to trim and maintain leaf-wise. Because of how dense they are they can be a problem with budrot but the same problem exists with sativas due to the late flowering. They definitely look very different and are much easier to trim but as far as what to expect when growing its very similar to sativa.
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  3. lol @ “Would also suffice”

    Indica Indica Indica

    I like mine bushy, lollipopped, lst, just about anyway I can get the thick colas.

    I imagine you will be amazed at the dense buds. :love-mj:
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  4. Durban Poison and some other South African sativa varieties, especially when acclimated, will finish outdoors between mid September and early October.
    I think it was Island Seed Company in British Columbia that utilized those genetics in some of their outdoor varieties.
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  5. I actually had no idea about this. Thanks for the information I may look into a DP or cross of it so I can actually grow sativa outdoors. Many hybrids also finish early but I've never seen a pure sativa that does. Awesome!
  6. I live in the tropics exactly 13 degrees north of the equator so we get plenty of sun year round. Perfect environment for sativas to thrive. Which is why I've almost always grown them.

    Where I live 12/12 light always starts early october. So do u think they'd finish at the end of November or early December?


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  7. The Indica strain should finish at least month before the Sativas I have grown. Its tough to get a Sativa to finish (if it even does) in Michigan
    I mostly grow Indica dominate strains due to the cold weather. I have grown a couple Sativas and this is what I've experienced.
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  8. At that latitude you could probably grow an indica winter crop. When or if is your first annual freeze?
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  9. Annual freeze? If you're talking of winter or snow that's non existent here. Just sun and rain. If anything we have rainy season August-November.

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