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  1. I just removed my gorilla kush clones from the dome but the humidity in my tent is 35% i understand humidity should b between 40 and 70% i tried putting a bowl with water n the tent that didnt work my temps stay about 84 with tent closed
  2. get a spray bottle and spray some water in there or a bowl of ice or a wet paper towel will all help thats all i know of other then a humidifier
  3. I just had this problem myself, I'm new so not sure if this is the best way to go but it's been working for me... I put a bucket of water in there and not happened. Then I had an extra opening on my air pump so I put an air stone inside the open water bucket and the sprinkles helped raise the humidity a lot more.... put the water behind a fan if you can. Try this but I'd recommend a humidifier warm mis if its fairly cold in the tent cold mist if its hotter(30 dollars at Target). If the humidifier starts to get the walls damp add a timer or spend money on a digital humidifier that can be set to your humidity preference.
  4. increasing humidity is all about water having surface area to evaporate. Use bubbling water or waterfalls and boom!
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    The bucket trick works better with the lights on because it help's evaporate the water quicker and try not to open the tent to much when your having humidity problems. And make sure when your using the bucket of water change the water daily or every 2 days at most because the bacteria build up. Are you using a carbon filter out take and fan intake?
  6. what?
  7. Im using a reg fan and inline fan for my 400w hps
  8. He was talking about putting a open bucket of water inside his tent to raise the humidity. So I said to change out the water daily or every other day.
  9. You have no intake or outake? How do you change out the air in the tent? Like I said I'm still new myself, but I think changing the air out of the tent everyhour is highly recommended by most growers.
  10. I have a oscillating fan to keep tent cool and i have a 6inch inline fan to blow cool air.over the bulb outside the tent.thats it for my air intake and outtake.heat is not an issue.i am not worrying about that.all i want is "tips" to keep the humidity up.buckets of water spray bottles. ice.those types of tips
  11. to be clear, the intake for you inline fan takes air from inside the tent right? and then exhausts it outside the tent yes?
  12. youre saying to change the water in a the bucket being used to increase the humidity?
  13. Do you have any concern about the smell during flowering?
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    Yeah, even though the bucket of water trick never help's you reach your humidity preference I was told to change the open bucket of water because the exposure to the light can cause bacteria to grow..
  15. I do care about the smell.but im going to vegg for about two weeks tgen ill have a carbon filter
  16. The bucket isnt working humidity still lingering round30% going to get a humidifier today
  17. Just a little heads up... Try to get one with that's runs 24hours without having to refill its less aggravation.
  18. Ok i will definitly do that

  19. Sorry this is wrong. I was thinking maybe I was just misunderstanding you. The bucket of water works if you aerated the fuck out of it. Its all about surface area. As for the water, nitro bacter and nitro somonas (probably spelled wrong) do form but theyre of no concern. They simply process ammonia into nitrite and nitrite into nitrate. This happens in such a small way that its difficukt to even grow algea in the bucket, which makes the water even purer :) rest assured, if you leave open containers of water, youre not going to cause any bad bacteria problems unless you continueally drop shit in them. Even then, it would have to be a LOT of organic matter :) hope this helkps you with uneeded water changes
  20. Thanks for letting me know that, I wasn't sure if that was the truth it was just something I read. I'm new so I was being cautious, I didn't want something as dumb as a bucket of water messing anything up.

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