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tips on getting the tight camera shot

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by weed4dummies, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. i need a little insight on how to get those clear shots of the buds at fairly close range without the blurryness. i probably need a new camera for starters, but its a sony 6.0 megapixel which i believe doesnt have the macro setting. is the camera even effective enough? what sort of background lighting do you guys use as well? i would love to take some quality shots like most of the purty ones i see around here.

    Please help me GC! it would be much appreciated. thank ya.
  2. If you want anything decent fairly close you're going to need a camera with a macro function,

  3. thanks kuumar. sounds like its time for an upgrade. its been like 3 years, so guess a new one is in order.

    anybody recommend a decent replacement, with macro, for around 400 bucks?
  4. I'm sure you can get a really nice camera for $400, look around online for something you like.
  5. put the bud on top of white paper before you shoot also. and get as close as possible to the bud with your camera but so it will still focus then zoom in as mush as you can.

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