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Tips on getting higher when smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by TheRock420RVD, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. IDK if it's just my tolerance but even if it's like Haze or exotics I barely get high when other I smoke w/ are high as fuck.. as tips to get higher when smoking?
  2. Ummm.... inhale?
  3. there is this stuff you can buy from most health food store call "ginko biloba" (spelling?), take 3 tablets 10 minuts befor smoking and you will get ripped. or you could use bucket bongs, there good too
  4. Get some friends with a better tolerance level... i HATE people that will smoke your weed with you then complain that they arent high.
  5. I don't think that's what he meant....haha

    But anyway...it could be because your not inhaling properly...I mean I've been a daily smoker for 3 years and I can still smoke not that much and get a good buzz. So I'm assuming that your not inhaling properly or maybe you indeed DO need to take a tolerance break...I say just try a few days to a week and see if it helps any...if it does than take a longer break and get a good high again, good luck bro dude!
  6. Ive been a daily smoker for nearly 3 years now, and Ive noticed that I from time to time get into the bad habit of barely inhaling.

    I smoke blunts and alot of times Ill just hit the blunt and exhale right away, so Ill get some thc but alot is probally wasted due to the fact its not held, and alot of smoke probally isn't even getting deep into my lungs.

    I find the most efficient way of smoking is to take nice slow hits, but only like 1/3 or half of your air capcity (I say air because your throat and mouth has air/smoke, not just the absorbing tissues in your lungs.) Suck fresh air after to fill the rest of your lungs, hold a few seconds.

    This is good for a variety of reasons such as, all the smoke is deep in your lungs, and no smoke in your throat other than passing in and out, so it cuts down on dryness/soreness etc. Without smoke constantly irritating your throat it allows you to hold the hits longer without the urge to cough.

    When I notice Im not smoking properly, and then switch to that partial lung hit and hold I get as high with half the weed, due to effieciency.

    If you do this with a bowl and cover the bowl to put it out after each hit, its about the most efficient way to smoke. (Im not sure about vaperizors, but personally I like to feel the smoke not a mist.)
  7. I cough a lot but I do inhale properly, even super inhale sometimes
  8. just learn to ghost your hits
  9. Take a tolerance break for a month, buy a bong, buy some Really Really Dank Herb smoke like 2 g's to yourself and take as big as rips as you can and hold them in for like 10 seconds.
  10. What I do is smoke and smoke and smoke, until I'm so fucking retarded I think I'm about to have a heart attack.

    Fuck, I just realized that we have Ritz Chips and Salt & Vinegar Lay's!!!!:hello:
  11. Go get this song.

    Chrome - Inhale

    Do what it says.

    Be high as fuck.
  12. i think that erowid site is right because when i first started smoking pot it was more of a intense trippy high and now smoking is like an everyday thing thats like eating or showering or somthing and the high is less intense and not trippy unless im smoking some dro...
  13. Is that true? They sell that shit in gas stations around here. I feel an experiment coming on.
  14. i always find just taking a few day breaks brings my tolerance considerably down
  15. i completely agree, its too bad that people can get to the point where that trippy crazy high is somethin to be strived for, and not an every day occurance. i know a lot of people who need to toke now just to be normal (not meant to be offencive just sayin they go apeshit without their weed, they lack self control). thats one of the reasons i smoke less now, so that my tolerance stays nice and lowwww.... :D
  16. wow, this totally blew my mind. I believe I achieved the highest high ever while reading this, and I've been smoking for 30 years. this opens a whole new door for me and I can't thank you enough. + rep
  17. If you're really desperate you could try this, it's what me and my friends used to do when we were young and couldn't really afford that much weed, It's a bit crazy but you have to work with what you have, we called it a rising blowback:

    Roll the fattest spliff that you can.
    Crouch down as close to the ground as possible sort of sitting back on your haunches.
    Hyperventilate for a few minutes until you start to feel light headed.
    Stand up very slowly with someone giving you a blowback constantly until you are completely standing.
    Don't breathe out.
    Have a few people push up on your chest so your diaphragm is compressed and hold onto it until you can't hold it any more.

    If it works properly you should pass out for a few seconds then wake up and be absolutely fucked for a good long while.

    We tried it a few times with really big bongs but it becomes much harder to hold so you can't take anywhere near as much smoke, a really big ice bong might be fun to try.

    Warning: may cause death
    In case of death please don't blame me, I'm just some random guy on the Internet.

    That Erowid article is good, I do a lot of writing and weed really helps me to be creative and explore things in a completely different way.
  18. breath with your diaphragm instead of your chest and you'll get a bigger hit, i always blow the smoke out of my nose i dont know if it does anything but i think of it as if theres any thc left in the smoke maybe it will get caught on the mucus membranes and i dont know what i;m talking about right now but i do i dunno

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