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tips on gettin the smell out of my room

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brownj, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. so me and my friend always smoke in my room cause theres too many fuckin cops at night and i cant get out casue of an alarm on the doors so i just open my window turn on two fans on high and yet my parents still manage to smell

    what can i do to make it less noticeable
  2. stock up on brownies while their gone :cool:

    or what i always used to do, take a really hot(but tolerable) shower and smoke in there with the vent on and a window open if there's on in there. Parents never found me when i was doing that, which was everyday. :smoke:
  3. showers. sploofs.
  4. Yup, all you need is a bathroom with a shower and preferably a window of any size or vent.

    Just turn the shower to hot, doesn't have to be TOO hot, just enough to make some steam which will end up filling the room, taking up a lot of space and pushing any other gasses out the window, like smoke or smell of burnt nugs.

    What I used to do every day was smoke then shower after, and if I didn't feel like showering after, I would just turn on the shower and leave it on while I cleaned my bong and shit then just turn it off. But be VERY fuckin careful if you turn the shower on whilst not in it, I once left the bathroom to go put something in my room and then got easily sidetracked and watched TV for almost 2 hours with the shower blasting hot :(
  5. invest in a vaporizor.

    smoke in the bathroom with the shower running and the vent on and blow everythning out the window and hold the bowl out the window. Use a sploof w/ carbon in it.

    in the shower cover a paper towel in body wash or something fruity smellings and put it on the floor in the shower then face the water twards where the paper is and itll make a super fruity smell in your bathroom.

  6. Thats a really good idea, I'm gonna try that sometime :)
  7. This shit works. Not like that cheap fabreeze air freshner.

  8. Yuck ozium has such a wierd smell at first i mean it works good i used to use it in my car but i cuoldnt stand the inital smell it gave off. and ozium is expensive i got a little pocketsized bottle for $5 and it lasted me about a week. And i only sprayed it for 1sec like it says on the can

    and fabreez does work but it adds a smell of cover up to the air .

    your best bet imo is to stay in the bath room and use the tricks i stated earlier.
  9. Blowies work wonders.
  10. Now you stepped into one of my fav parts of weed smoking: covering up smell. Sorry if my post is too detailed.

    First, do NOT smoke in your room if you dont have to. Use the bathroom. Buy 2-3 different deoderants and basically as many different smells as you can get. The point isnt to eliminate the smell but to hide it. Smell density is my little stoner term for it.

    Turn on your shower and if have a bathtub then clog it so the water stores itself. Sit on the floor and light up. Enjoy the sauna/hotbox sensation. You dont need a vent or a window but they help. If you have either of those open them as far as possible and keep them open.

    After you finish toking spray a bit of each deoderant. Not a lot, but get the smells mixing all over and concentrate on where you smoked mainly. Remember that scents come from floating molecules so if you get rid of those molecules it wont smell.

    After you finish with the deoderants(dont use too much or itll just wreak of that) lather a lot of soap on your hands. Then spread out your fingers and move them around the bathroom. Smear a little bit of soap on a few things that people wont notice. Rinse your hands off.

    Then using a towel/shirt/book/hands try and move the air around. Make a fan out of anything you can and just get some motion going.

    Next i would procceed to wash my teeth/face and then shower. While showering use shampoo not sparingly(sorry couldnt think of word that means not sparingly). Finish your shower and rinse out the bathtub.

    Walk out of the bathroom refreshed and with literally 0 scent left in your bathroom.

    This rough method let me smoke everyday 3 times in teh same bathroom with my parents unknowing for over 1 year. Ive had scenarious where my mom went into my bathroom RIGHT after i smoked and smelled nothing suspicious. Make sure to not overdose with any particular smell but to get as many as you can. One smell will make her suspicious while more smells will just feel more natural.

    Try and air out the bathroom inconspicuosly afterwards just so you feel more secure.

    NOTE: KEEP YOUR AREA CLEAN. Use paper towels to clean stuff and keep it vaccumed. I ended up volunteering to vaccum so i could make sure that any thing i spilled is cleaned. I would do this 2 times a week. I also wiped down every visible surface ever 4-5 smokes.

    NOTE2: Door cracks: if you are worried about smell leaving through crack(in the case wher your parents are literally 2-3 feet from the door) use clothes to clog them. Or tape them with some kind of tape that unrolls silently. You dont want your parents asking you what you were taping cuz tahts just weird. The clothes work really well cuz you normally prolly bring extra clothes to change into after you get out anywy so just bring more. Spread them all over the cracks and hang them on the doorknobs so they hang down and cover at least a bit.

    Good luck to you and enjoy a 99% safe bathroom that will never get you caught.
  11. well since you dont want to take a fucking shower with your homeboy..........while u smoke a have a fan pointing out the window, blow out the window and then when u are done comes they hard part, put a fan IN your windown blowing air from the outside in, amazing I know. trust me it brings in fresh air and forces that shitty air out over the top of the fan, just make sure u have a towel under the door so all the yummy air isnt blown that way.
  12. Do everything these guys said, and make a groove tube- take the cardboard tube from a toilet paper or paper towel roll and stuff it full of fabric softner sheets, blow your smoke out through that and it'll kill most of the smell.
  13. since you are an adult move out of your parents house and you wont have to worry about it. and shouldnt this be in apprentice tokers

  14. very nice writeup dude. cleaning after your done everytime will ensure you happiness :)
  15. Haha well if your in a pinch this works, smoke a bowl out the window in the bath room with the fan on, wet towl under the door, shower on hot, spray a hit of cologne, than take a big shit, sounds bad but it does work.
  16. Fuckin' Incense Yo! just to be on the safe side, use a spoofer (toliet paper roll stuffed wit dryer sheets, wrapped in rubber bands) For 100% undetectable smell!
  17. for 100% chance of getting caught! How can people know if sploofs work when the only time to test them is after you smoked a big fat bowl and cant tell if the room you just hotboxed smells or not....
  18. cause when you use a sploof you smell the fragrence its giving off instead of weed smell.
    if you hit a bowl and blow it out the room will smell like weed and you will smell it thats how it works homeboy:cool:
  19. The easiest way to keep from getting caught smoking in your parents' house is to NOT SMOKE IN YOUR PARENTS' HOUSE.

    If you have no other option, here's some steps I use to eliminate the smell because my roommate hates the odor of MJ.

    1. Open Windows.
    2. Put a fan blowing OUT of one window.
    3. Put a fan blowing IN one window that is preferably more than 5' away from the out window. You don't want to pull a Zeppelin and have smoke going in through the out window.
    4. Find good incense. Use stuff like super hit or nag champa. That stuff is incredibly potent and will almost 100% cover the smell. Sometimes I smoke in the house without opening windows and the incense completely covers the smell.(Link)
    5. Place yourself between the out window and the incense. That way, the incense travels over your exhaled thc poofies and out the window. Thus covering the smell.
    6. Make sure that the window that you're smoking from isn't so close to your parents' room so as to blow the smoke back into their room. That would be dumb.
    7. Patented towel under the door. I've heard many rules for the towel like make sure it's wet or somesuch nonsense. It doesn't matter what you use, it could be a pillow. The only purpose of the object under the door is to prevent smoke from escaping from under the door.
    8. Find some way to seal the top of your door so that it doesn't look conspicuous. A great suggestion is that tape-on foam insulation that only costs a buck down at your hardware store.
    9. If you have central air in your house, there are probably air exchanges in your room. They'll normally be located in the top of the room. Plug that. Simplest solution is saran wrap and clear tape. So that on a less thorough inspection of your room, it doesn't look to be tampered with.
    10. Throw them off the trail. Light incense in your room even when you're not smoking. Tell your parents that it helps eliminate the smell of being a teenaged boy who stinks. You can use other things, too. Candles, Glade plugins, potpourri and heaters, wick air fresheners, even gym socks. Anything to remove the sweet skunky smell of herb. Incense has worked the best for me so far. But, I use all of the suggestions I give and my apartment smells really nice.

    I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it should only take you two to three min to set that system up. It should only cost a few dollars, too. I promise, your folks won't notice the smell.

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