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Tips on first time?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Boats_And_Hoes, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. So my mates and i were going to hotbox a tent in his back yard and 1 of them is a always smoking it and the other does it every now and then but ive never tried it and would like tips and stuff like that cause i dont wanna stuff something up, thanks!

    We are smoking out of a bong btw.
  2. Copy paste these into google, buddy:
    How to use a bong
    Bong Wikipedia

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  3. Will do.
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  4. Any unanswered questions after that just repost on this thread!

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  5. Is there things that i should try to avoid?
  6. Don't cough down into the bong.
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  7. Nope just inhale deeply and hold it in for 3-5 seconds that's all it takes then enjoy yourself and don't get paranoid

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  8. THERE IS #1 MAJOR THING YOU NEED TO PURCHASE... an arizona or sprite. You gonna be thirsty asf bruh
  9. Thanks!
    Yeh my mates said that so ill will get some drinks.
  10. flying in a blue dream. open up your ears as well!
  11. I almost passed put my first high, maybe try an energy drink or just something with a lill caffeine q: just my advice
  12. Don't worry about being annoying for your first time. Be open to the new experience andet the gold times roll!
    Cheers mate! :smoke:
  13. Hopefully, if your friends aren't dicks, then they could help you out. But either way, don't smoke any more if you already feel high. Smoking too much can feel shitty.
    Buy some munchies as well as drinks.
    Don't be too paranoid, just chill and enjoy.

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  14. Take small hits to reduce the coughing, Do not cough into the bong as that's a waste of weed and It may annoy them. Just relax and have a good time! Your not there to impress anybody.

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