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Tips on first time buying large(r) amounts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by epSmoke, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hey, i've never bought anything more than 3g before :(..and i'm planning on buying a 1/4th ounce. :D

    Any tips for buying this much?

    Thanks :bongin:
  2. What type of tips do you want?
    Ask your connect for a quarter, pay him and I think that's all you need.
    Make sure to keep it in an air tight glass mason jar for freshness!
  3. Idk, it's basically the same thing. You give him money, he/she gives you your desired amount of drugs.

    You could ask for it to be scaled out in front of you if you don't know/trust the person that well I guess, but that's about it.
  4. Well...there's really not much to expect other than the standard.
    Just be friendly and ask if you can get a bigger bag. :) Some dealers even give you a deal when you buy larger quantaties.
  5. 1/8 and 1/4 aren't large amounts. Do the same thing as when you bought the 1/8.
  6. well since you already are getting 3g when you should be getting 3.5 be sure to get 7g instead of 6.

  7. There are some things you should know and ask.

    Make sure your dealer does actually sell weight, because some people only sell little bags.

    Make sure its weighed out to the correct amount, unless you trust your guy, like I do. Also, try not to get ripped off and ask around what other prices are for some good bud in your area.

    When your driving with your bud, put it in the trunk. Thats the safest place and it won't stick up the car like an 1/4th would. If you don't have a trunk for some odd reason, and even if you do, open up all your windows so there is no smell in your car and there wouldn't be probable cause for a cop to search your whip if in fact you got pulled over.
  8. first of all, don't be a fucking pussy. Second thank you for taking my advice.
  9. It's a larger amount for what I usually buy.

    & Thank you brandon! That's what i was looking for.
  10. Go to dealer.

    Get desired amount of bud.


  11. Here's a few...

    ~Trust your gut instincts, your hazey mind will tell you otherwise.
    ~Get a foundation for what a 1/4 looks like, and plop it on your scale if you have one.
    ~What I find out works pretty well is asking what the dealer can do you for the quarter, or X amount of $$, and give him a little story like my homies in town we tryna blaze up fat what can you do me for the $50 or the 1/4 etc.
    ~DONT ASK CAN I GET A QUARTER FOR $X, easiest way to rip yourself off unless you know his prices.

    Damn i must have some layover stone from dabs last night sheesh.. Hope you follow the advice.
  12. Make sure its someone you know and trust. Stupid people do stupid things for anything above 100 bucks. Try it before buying...or at the very least look at it...inspect it, and make sure its weighed out in front of you. 1/4 isnt THAT much...but its still good precautions to take.
  13. But it's still not anywhere near what some people buy, most of my friends buy in quarter/half pounds.
  14. I know i'm reviving an old thread but I needed to ask this question and didn't wanna start a new thread

    So me and my friends have been saving up for a while and we have 900 with which we will buy about 2 and a half o's. The problem is the guy we are getting it from doesn't sell alot of weight anymore, but he says he can get it for us. I have bought from him before and my one friend regularly buys dubs and dimes from him. I still consider him sketchy though, and since he doesn't sell large amounts he probably won't have the money to buy it, so we will have to deal directly with his friends, who from what i've seen of them are even more sketchy than him.

    What can we do to lessen our chance of getting stuck? Our plan is to bring him and his friend into our one friends house, weigh it out inside, give them the money and be on our merry way. But usually he asks for the money first, so how can we get him to let us have the weed first to weight it out? any other tips are also appreciated and any comments on our plan.

    Also i know not to give him the money and let him go get it from his friend, if he tries to do that we will go with him
  15. Lol "large" 1/4.
  16. You get him to let you have the weed first by asking. If he wants your 900 before you even inspect the weed, he's scamming you big time, or wants to.

  17. You should be getting at the very least a QP for $900.
  18. I don't think anything changes until you hit the .5-1 pound amount, so you should be fine :)
  19. I also agree with this guy. I can find people who will sell 1 pound for $1500-2000... would never buy that much myself. :p
  20. Buy a scale and make sure you get the 7gs...take it with you when you go pickup so you can weigh it before the guy leaves.

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