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Tips on finding a dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chance916, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hello city, this is my first thread.

    I would call myself a weed smoker,I got all my tool. Grinder, lighter, a bowl and a little bong. :) But i find myself smoking with friends alot. I want to be able to call up someone,and go pick up some bud. I want my own dealer. Any tips on how to seek them out, i dont want to go around town asking random people if they seel weed. You know?
  2. Ask your buddies.

    Be like:

    Bodi, can I buy some narcotics?

    Viola... you got your drugs. :smoke:
  3. just ask your friends who you smoke with to let you come along next time they pick up. if u like the dealer great, see if you can buy off him...things should go smoothly from there ..good luck:wave:
  4. Dealers spread through friends

    So get some friends, ya loser :rolleyes:
  5. ask your friends where they buy, meet the dude, if you like him ask for the number(no homo)
  6. Ok ok, so ask my boys. gotcha. Hopefully they guys not an asshole. But who doesn't want more money? :D
  7. exactly, just act chill and you got yourself a hook-up! :hello:
  8. That's how I found a dealer lol, broke the ice with a dude I graduated HS with about if he smokes weed or not, he did, I told him I needed a connect and he hooked me up. If these are people you smoke with a lot they should easily be able to help you.
  9. Walk.around the middle man
  10. I'd do all that but all my friends dealers are a lot older than us and its kind of awkward lol.:(
  11. don't mean to steal your thread but

    do you think it'd be a bad idea to ask someone where they get their weed from, even if you're not close anymore? we used to be friends (not great friends) but grew apart and don't really talk anymore.

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