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Tips on dealing with a stonerfag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by =SHoCK=, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    Soon I am going to buy an ounce of some mids for 200 (Which is good for where I live) But I am buying with one of those stoner fags, you know, the ones that do it to look cool, and think it's fun to show everyone they smoke. I'm only buying with him because he knows the hookup, and we're going to split the weed and the cost between each other. 
    So, the dealer lives a few miles away, so we will have to walk/hitchhike (Everyone hitches where I live, it's totally normal) there, and back too. 

    Usually I would be fine with this, but this kid is just one of those guys who thinks it's cool to smoke, and loves to show off his shit, he once took out 6 grams in school to show off to little kids. 
    Any tips on what to do? If he starts dicking around or something... I don't really have a choice of buying from someone else, and half an ounce will be better for me to buy.
  2. Maybe if he sees that you're OK, his dealer will do individual business with you in the future.   
  3. bring the gat along and if he starts acting weird smoke him. one less stonerfag
  4. ^ ye man it'll be all like pop pop
    Naw mean?
  5. Tell the stonerfag to introduce you to his dealer and be persistent if he doesnt agree, once you meet the dealer chat a little bit ask for his # and you are in business, never have to deal with the stonerfag ever again.
  6. Try and get the dealer to want to sell to you in the future. 
    I'd bet the dealer isn't anything like the stonerfag and probably tries to rip the stonerfag off sometimes. So try and let the guy somehow know that you know what you're talking about. 
  7. If he acts up, slap him across the face.
  8. How about you all fuck off and stop using the word stonerfag :wave:
  9. OP isn't even old enough to drive
  10. Sound like you cany getb weed without stonerfag

    Msybe learn a thing orbtwo from stonerfag so you can have your own connection. Rather than talk shit about the dude
  11. Just pull the dealer aside and tell him, "i'm not like this fool, I'm sorry for his actions in the future I'd rather not involve him." Let things progress from there.
  12. make the dealer laugh at stonerfags expense, insult him, call him a stonerfag and explain what it is then the guy will be laughing at his friend and say if im selling to this stonerfag his buddy must be real chill and he'll give you the digits.
  13. Headphones for the walk!
  14. Pretend you don't even like this stonerfag (even though we both know you love him), and try to get into his dealer's pants-- I mean phone.
  15. Ditch the plan dude. People like that are a good way to get your ass busted. He obviously doesn't give a shit about being safe and sane with weed. Better to have no weed than have to deal with a cop, or some uptight asshole stranger who'll beat you to a pulp for bringing weed into their vehicle.
    That grass is everywhere man. He's not the only person in town with the hook up, if you know what I'm saying.
  16. Killing him is the only solution. Sorry.
  17. U hitchhiking after buying a ounce?
  18. Stop buying from kids in middle school. unless... you're the same age? help me out here
  19. sorry kid, but 200 for mids is way too much

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