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Tips on being drunk and high whilst clubbing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jetlife92, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. yeah can anybody give me some tips?

    gonna go clubbing this friday and i wanna go drunk and high at the same time.

    do i get drunk first and take a huge bong rip after?

    or vice versa?

    also did any of you have problems with cotton mouth?
  2. Don't drink too much and then take huge bong rips. I've made the mistake many times and it results in puking/spins sometimes.

    If anything smoke before then drink. Cotton mouth isn't a prob if you're drinking.
  3. If you really must mix, I personally would make it be more about the weed than the booze. Have a nice, but functional high before you go out, and then when you're out only drink things that you actually enjoy, rather than just to get hammered.

    Of course I'm 36 and I'm mostly finished competition in the 'Liver Olympics', so your mileage may vary. :laughing:
  4. smoke first unless you're trying to time travel
  5. I just have a couple of beers and leave it at that and smoke weed all night
  6. I'd drink first to get where you want to be, then smoke your brains out. That's just me personally though and since we're all different the mix might not go as well for you. I know some people get the spins/puke. I like to get a good buzz or slighly drunk and then high as hell. Just don't drink too much, because IME that's never fun. You can't even remember what happened...>=(
  7. weed before beer you're in the clear, beer before grass you're on ya ass.
  8. Beers then bong rips... and make sure you top em off with some kief!
  9. smoke drink smoke
  10. Listen to this, dankdangit! Basically DONT smoke weed if you're already drunk, you'll regret it.

  11. Agreed. It's spin city if you're drunk then get baked
  12. Honestly I can say I've never been stoned at a club, no offense I can't see it being that much fun.. now other things I can't go into detail about.. haha. But if I had to choose I'd smoke a nice L on the way to the club, and then get my drink on. Jagerbombs all night haha.
  13. Smoke a sativa before

    Don't drink more than 4 unless that's your thing
  14. Just don't go absolutely crazy on either and you'll be fine.

    For people with a high tolerance or those who have simply been smoking weed for a long time, weed before beer just doesn't quite work. By the time you're drunk, you're not high anymore. So you gotta smoke while you're drunk anyway. Really, this is the only right answer in my opinion:

  15. I honestly wouldn't. Everytime I crossfade I throw up and during one extreme case I couldn't walk straight that I face planted and broke my nose. I would say go drink and clubbing... then afterwards if you go back home and feel like blazing then do it but I wouldn't at the same time.
  16. I would drink cocktails or shots if you're clubbing, booze tends to make you bloated & gassy and will give you a bad case of the beer shits in the morning. Wouldn't want that at a club or when taking a girl home.
  17. I can't drink without being high anymore so the best for me is a couple strikeouts then finishing the bowl. I find it gives me a good strong, but functional buzz.
  18. Ive aleays drank and smoked at the same time. Along the lines of bowl/beer/bowl/beer untill its bed time

  19. That's the proper rotation for sure
  20. If you smoke when you're on your level, take it a hit at a time. Even one or two too much can send you into the spins.

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