Tips Of Plant With Bold Texture And Curved Tips

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    Hi Guys,
    i'm back! My little baby is growing almost well, 3 days ago this started to appear on the leaves, curvy ends and the texture is a little weird.
    Temp: 24ºC
    Humidity: 74%
    pH: 5.9
    The plant is 15 days old, with sprout included (Pretty fast, even though she's growing with some issues)
    Tomorrow she will taste the full dosage of nutrients, i'm giving her Micro and Grow.
    The nutrients chart:
    Day 2: 1/8 of full dosage
    Day 9: 1/2 of full dosage
    Bucket size: 2.5L
    LED 50W (red to blue ratio: 8:1)
    Notice the curve on the leaf, the simetric leaf of this is in the same state, others aren't.
    (Ignore the burned areas, not related to the current state. It was due to pH being too low and originated a mg deficiency).    
    What could it be?

  2. Could they be hungry?
    I'm tempted to give them already the next round of Nutes and not wait until tomorrow.
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    No don't up the nutes. They are much to young to handle full nutes. Absolutely do not be in a hurry to up nutes. They like less, more then they like more.
    The signs of over watering are droopy fan leaves and the surface of the fan leaves is wrinkled. You have both of those sign. I have never used airoponics so I don't know how to fix your problem.
    I use hydroton like you but i use a top feed drip system and feed three to four times a day. I know from experience that the trunk hates to get wet and will cause that droop. That is why I use drip rings to keep the water away from the trunk.
    I see your hydtroton and rockwool are wet all the time.That is not good. I bet that is your problem. As I said I don't know airoponics. Maybe if your water level was lower then the trunk would dry out. I believe this is your problem.
    Do not up the nutes! This is the number one mistake of beginners. These plants like the nutes to be on the low side. It's low stress.
  4. Unfortunately i saw your message after i added up the nutes.
    As i notice now, looking at the picture i posted on the first message here, the tips of some leaves are yellow, and some are brown. This indicates overfed plant, but to be honest didn't think it could be that, because for the size the plant has, i think i gave her little to none. In fact, for 2 or 3 days, the growth stagnated.
    After i gave her the 3rd round of nutes, she started to grow again, and it's still growing. The color is light green, i don't see the dark green appearing on the plants, this is a typical sign of overfed. But they look super wealthy, taking apart the fact they have some weird texture in some leaves and curly tips...
  5. Looks like classic Over nute and maybe some heat stress usually clawing down like that is excess Nitrogen

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