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tips of leaves turning yellow with little brown spots!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tauceti, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Thanks for all the great advice. I think I"m on track now...... Get ready for some shits and giggles. I didn't notice on the bag of soil that it said GARDEN instead of potting. I was wondering why it was so black, thick, and moist. I know, I know, an overly anxious newbie that doesn't know how to read! I saw miracle grown with flowers on the bag and the word soil and figured, hey this is easy. In anycase, an emergency transplanting just happened with high quality POTTING soil and low fert content. Time will tell now I guess.

    once again thanks for your input.

    Why are the tips of my leaves turning yellow with brown spots? I started them in jiffy potts and they took off great. I transplaneted them to an 18 ounce plastic cup with quarter size hole in the bottom. Placed a small piece of notepad paper(blue lines across it) to cover the hole. covered paper with perlite. mixed perlite and miracle grow soil into cup. transplated jiffy pots with all the jiffy material into cup after I removed the mesh netting. Plants have 2 flourescent 40watt 4 foot tubes hanging 8" above and left on 24hrs/day. Check PH level and it's 6.6 Letting soil get dry before watering. plants are 4" inches tall or more with second set of leaves, not including small preleaves. I've read as much as I thought I needed to know but my plants look horrible.

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  2. Are you using miracle grow to fertilize or are you using miracle grow potting soil? Either way what you describe sounds and looks like overfertilization or salt build-up. If you have used the MG potting mix you need to transplant and use a plain potting soil. IF you used MG to fert with, you need to back off the ferts and flush.
  3. id second that...looks to me like u got some root damage or maybe a fungi...

    repot it in some decent soil...cut out the fert...and get a fan on em and u will be fine.
  4. how close is the light to your plants and how many hours a day is it on?
  5. your light is way too close.Th ehat is drying out the leaves.
  6. i tkink the miracle grow and schultz are alike in the way you barely mist the soil to start out,describe by milly blunt guide on using schultz at cannabis world/both miracle grow and schultz have a ph of 6.4/milly says to cut the mix in half and water with a ph of 6.4/anther way described by igotthe6 at the growers buying guide is to add a tablespoon of lime to a gallon of soil and flush soil with equal amont of water 1 gallon of soil 1 gallon of water when the soil is starting to dry plant.keep water ph at 7.4 or 7.6/not only do ph have to be at these levels also the amount of water ,described by milly/that pre fertilized soil is weird/i just came back from a horticulture seminar were they talked about runing plants at low phs, and also runing ph very high ,they did this because plants didnt like the heavy metals availibility at ph range of 7.0. just a thought.peace.........
  7. flouros are being used so the light is not way too fact, it could even be closer.

    sounds like an overfert to me
  8. 4smoke2staxx0

    I was in space like you but longer, about 4
  9. i would say they are too young to be ferting ... should use ferts for the first three weeks ... then use a 1/4 dose and build your way up ...

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