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Tips of leaves are yellow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by pir8skin, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Growing: Indoors
    Strain: D Block (Sour Diesel Cross)
    Lights: Lighthouse Hydro LED 90 Watt
    Established From: Clone
    Current Stage: Flower
    Medium: Foxfarm Ocean Forest Soil
    Fertilizer: Foxfarm Big Bloom (Liquid, Organic)
    Watering: Approx every 48 Hours
    Water Type: Hard (Tap Water)
    PH: Unknown
    Humidity: Unknown
    Temperature: Approx 80-85F
    Light Distance: 12 Inches (1F)
    Air Circulation: fan running 24 hours in small closet

    This is my first time growing, and so far I've had pretty good luck. I developed a problem with powdery mildew on my lower leaves and ended up removing the infected ones, and spraying with Greencure.

    I haven't really seen the p.mildew come back, but I have noticed that the tips of my leaves are starting to yellow. Is this lack of nutrients, or too much? I've only used foxfarm big bloom liquid fertilizer, and I've been using it about every other watering. My impression was that because it's organic, I wouldn't be able to over fertilize.

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

    *NOTE* Sorry for pix quality.

  2. they actually look pretty healthy to me. you can also overfeed them with organic nutrients/soil amendments.

    the burnt tips like that are a sign of very very slight nute burn, probablly N, but it is no reason to worry. give it minimal N for the rest of the grow.

    the yellow tips in the 3rd pic looks like the start of some type of deficiency, most likley K but it also could be magnesium.

    everything looks great, stop using N and use more of P and K. :bongin:
  3. I also think youre overwatering.


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