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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Bunny929, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Lately I've noticed my largest plant has the tips of the leaves seemingly naturally cut off, (no yellow, the cut is green.) And every once in awhile she seems to droop like shes dieing, then i mist, within 1 hour she perks right back up to looking like a sexy lush plant.

    If i was overwatering, I would think this would happen AFTER i watered, but every time my plant does this, i mist then water, and shes totally fine. And if i was underwatering, i would think i'd see a color change. Nope.

    I do not have a PH tester, is there any other way to figure out or correct your soil? Idk if thats the problem, but i don't have any idea. I could post pictures later. I'll try to catch her drooping and normal so you can see the difference.
  2. Whats your humidity without misting?temps?
  3. Well When i air out the room It can range from 67-80 temp. (The heater i have in there has a poor thermostat so its hard to get it set just right that it maintains it more steady) Usually around 73-78 though.

    Humidity goes from 30-40. I recently put a dehumidifier in the room to try to keep it in the low 20's.
  4. she's thirsty, every time u water and mist her she perks up and ur humidity is way to low. should be 40-50%
  5. There are some people that say you should have really low humidity.

    just sayin'
  6. See this is where im confused. Right now:
    Temp: 70.6
    Humid: 70.6

    Shes fine right now, I'm watching for her to do it again though. (I've caught this 3 times now within 3 weeks)

    Green as hell, if she was thirsty I should have noticed a drying out feel to the leaves correct?

    And for the humidity argument, I read quote "Your going to want to keep the humidity as in the low 20's if you can, (not totally a big deal) but the plants breathe and transpire through their leaves. If the air is lacking humidity, they will breath easier."

    True or false?
  7. good question
  8. The general opinion I have seen with regards to humdity is keep it high (up to 70% or so) during veg and low (less than 40%) during flower. The reasoning for low humidity during flower is that it discourages mold and encourages trichome production.

    Also, the fact that you say it is your largest plant would suggest that it is growing faster than the others. Besides stating the obvious, without knowing all the details the droopy leaves could be an indication of a root-bound plant that needs a transplant.
  9. hmm... never thought of that. I did just transplant into a larger pot, but from what I've heard, they have a tap root that grows straight down, which determines the depth of the roots, but my pot isnt as deep as a 5 gal bucket. Its about 3/4 that, and wider.
    [/maybe useful facts]

    So you think i should promote 40% humid?
  10. strains prone to mold should be kept a little hotter, around 80 and a lower humidity 30-40%

    there are many people try'n to perfect growing cannabis and most of the experts call for a humidity around 40-50%

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