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Tips for the the Newbies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mcgangbang, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Ok here some shit I've learned over the past years toking:

    #1. Bud is bud, it comes and goes friends dont. If you getting jipped out you cash in a situation deal with it, but dont forget it. Next time dont smoke down the homies unless everyone agrees to throw down buds or cash

    #2. Dont be fucking stupid and talk shit to people you dont know while blazed, you can cause some serous shit even if you kidding.

    #3. Always wash your hands before and after toking, nobody likes dirty hands on a fresh J, and nobody likes skunky hands either.

    #4. If you feel your in a place to open/sketchy to smoke then don't, you will have a bad high

    #5. Always keep dem roaches sealed in a bag or container for freshness.

    #6. If your picking up and you feel your getting skimped ask Joe the drug dealer to weigh it out, if he refuses then be out, you cash aint worth skimmped budz.

    #7. Buy a scale so you know what your actually getting

    #8. Bring water cause that shits good

    #9. If your planning to get insane get that game plain on homy

    #10. Be safe with this shit(weed), follow where emotions take you just dont let your life get compromised because of it.

    Note: Most of these tips come from personal experience, do what you want with them, if someone disagrees with them go ahead and type hate cause i dont really give a fuck....

  2. some good tips! A bit hard to read but I get what your saying, some good essential things on that list ^
  3. most of it is common sense tho. but good tips, nonetheless.
  4. #8 is the most important one.

    Water is a godsend, weather it be because you can't stop coughing, or maybe you've come down with a bad case of cotton mouth. Water is the answer to all your questions. And everyone you smoke with will be glad someone brought something to get a sip of ;)

    and #4 is something I wish i had known when I started smoking, would have saved me a lot of stress and anxiety.

  5. Hey mate.
    I took the liberty to touch up your post here. I do like some of them.
    I found it tough to read to be honest. Listening would have been easy, but reading the way people talk is not always easy. I tried to keep as much of your accent as I could while making it legible.

    Are you open to more if people come up with good ideas?
    You could edit in #11, #12 and so on if you see they fit.

    My suggestion is
    #11. Don't get offended when you see a 'prop' being called a different name then what you are used to. (Ex. Sploof, Spliff, Mute, Blow Tube. All of which are referring to a container full of substance that cleans the exhale of smoke. Most commonly used with dryer sheets).

    Nice list you have, nonetheless.
  6. I agree. Have water handy. I underestimated cotton mouth until a few days ago. My throat was so dry I actually started to have a bad high because I thought I was choking. Water fixed it, and I had a pleasant high. ;)
  7. And brush your damn teeth as soon as possible after you smoke.
  8. #11 Don't forget your towel. A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchiker can have.
  9. #11 could be to close your bags after picking bud, or container.
    What ever holds your stash, close it after you have what you want.

    I just grabbed my bag forgetting it was open and dropped enough shake for two hits or so but its lost in my damn carpet. again...
  10. Good stuff. I did so many stupid things in my first year of smoking, many of which are on that list.

  11. LOL:hello: Man I love that book
  12. Bring the fuckin food down to the basement before you smoke so you dont have to be pissed and lazy and trapped in thinking about the food later on!:smoke:
  13. DONT DUMP BONG WATER IN KITCHEN SINK. it stanks bad. pour out in side yard or toilet and flush
  14. #14 Mcgangbang, Jan 31, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 31, 2011
    Big ups to everyone's feedback, and sorry about my typing skills. When you say something to yourself sometimes things get typed differently if you understand that aha.

    This should be #11. Good shit for suggesting this, bad breath is disgusting in the first place, bad, skunk breath is even worse. Brush dem teeth, thanks BeaN HeaD
  15. Hey Mcgangbang...

    I only commented on this thread because of your name.

    HAve you ever had the mcgangbang?

    The McChicken and Mc Double put together to make the ultimate burger?

    Its delicious

  16. yee thats why its my name ahah
  17. Resurrection, this was a good thread!
  18. Again, grab the munchies before your too stoned to:smoke:
  19. ya great thread
  20. [quote name='"tuchaka"']ya great thread[/quote]

    Yo guys updated list for ya'll to enjoy!

    1. On nice days go out and find a spot where u can blaze in serenity for a bit even if you have a car.. Lrides get repetitive
    2. If you are in a car or at a place where music is accessible play that shit! Music and weed work together in your head to create a good vibe , I would suggest some Zion stuff zingy and bob hold that down. Also raps good old school that is but everyone's got their own presences
    3. Take your time in a situation where times no a factor. No need to rush shit cause when you rush things go bad . Cracking the Dutch... Dropping the weed... Picking a sketchy spot...etc.
    4. Before smoking ask yourself how u feel sober-so you realize when you get high. I find people with high tolerances these days don't express their levels of euphoria often. When you know your high tell the world!!
    5. If your smoking by yourself you have to recognize your dependency for weed. It's not a bad thing I myself I found myself doing this more often than ever. Just be aware and ask yourself before u blaze why your doing it and if its the right thing to do.
    6. Most important rule now that I can think of is smoking while drinking. I've done this a lot but I got the spins once and it was mentally the worst state I have ever been in. U do not want to have the spins trust me. So if u pr blazing hard and sippin either slow down on both or stop doing one or the other. Everything's good in moderation but who you mix and match mind altering substances it can get ugly.

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