Tips for telling the parents that you smoke

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  1. right now I'm working on changing my parent's opinions about weed, and I'm telling them about my usage very gradually. my Parents aer very conservative, and still consider it to be a bad thing. I smoke to treat an undiagnosed case of bipolar disorder. my mom hates the idea of one of her children using marijuana, and my dad thinks every drug should be legal since "it's your fault if you ruin your life, and isn't the government's responsibility for you" but he seems equally opposed to the idea. I want to turn my parent's opinions about the herb before I have the full "I smoke almost every day, ant this is why I need it" conversation. At this point, my mom knows I've smoked a few times, and I don't think my dad has any Idea. the biggest issue that complicates this is that my dad has a government career and if any drugs are found in the house, my mom thinks we'll get completely screwed, lose the house, and everything. Any Ideas to make this go smoother, and what would be the best way to break it to my dad if he doesn't know?
    Also, my dad is retireing in a few years, and has MS
  2. Maybe you should try and get someone else (you know, a real psychiatrist) to diagnose you with bi-polar if you really have it. That's a little more credible than just telling your parents that you do it to treat your (what they will probably call) average teenage mood swings.
  3. #1: Don't.
    #2: If you do under your circumstances, you're probably fucked.
    #3: Re-read #1
  4. What he said. Odds are you're parents have these views (and your dad's is pretty hardcore conservative if you ask me) from years of government propaganda and being told these things by their parents. Your attempts to convince them something opposite aren't too likely to succeed unfortunately. Most people can't fathom being wrong their entire lives or something.
  5. My parents are really conservatrive, but are also pretty open-minded, I'm sick of lying to them and sneaking around behind their backs. I'm moving out in about a year, so what's the worst that could happen, also, it would give them a really good view of me if I would tell them that I was just tired of the deciet, but I'm still only far enough in that I can reveal things at my own pace.
    I'm just sick of the bullshit and distrust
  6. Dude dont tell your parents.. If it wasn't for your dads gov't career then i'd say go for it..

  7. Have them watch "The Union"

    [ame=""]YouTube - History of marijuana and why it's illegal part 1[/ame]
  8. This. Wait until you are 18 and out of the house if you really want to tell them. Have you been to a psychiatrist about this "bi-polar" disorder? If not I suggest you do and quit telling people you have a mental disorder until you have been properly diagnosed by a professional.

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