tips for sterilizing outdoor space?

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  1. hello guys so in a phew days my evil anti cannabis siblings are coming and i have to hide my baby i have to move it to a really secret place and i would like to know what products should i use to exterminate all living organisms in that new area? even though i'm not spraying my cannabis plant directly, should i still use organic products? there are a few ants there so whats a good ant killer?
    (remember i am gonna spray the area atleast 2 days before i move my plants there)
    also i am gonna spray my plant with neem oil when i bring it there for yet another safety measure
  2. use bleach+water to clean the floor. use a rag for the walls, that should suffice
  3. should i spray bleac
    what should i do for nearby wild plants instead? would spraying bleach on them kill the bugs, i dont care if kill those plants honestly
  4. flamethrower?
  5. You're overreacting... put it outside for a day, preferrable mostly in shade, and bring it back in when u can simple as that.. there is nothing outdoors thats going to kill or harm a plant so bad except full on sun.
  6. that's impossible to sanitize an outdoor enviorment it's nature .
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  7. Don't do anything except check for bugs on them. Don't let the leaves touch each other too, for improved safety.
    If you are going to use bleach directly on the cannabis plant, use a teaspoon of bleach for 1 Liter (0.35 USGallons) of Water.
    Don't let them without light for too long. GL!

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