Tips for rural outdoor grow?

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  1. I stay on an illegal state. I had a few questions about frowning outside. I was considering growing dwarf plants because they may be easier to cover. How much coverage is needed? I'm not trying to grow real big. Any recommended hardy strains? When should I plant and how big should the holes be? It would be my first grow
  2. It's all luck on location do you live on a dead end street do you have an abandon house next door .Can you go to the spot without neighbors being able to see you?Dwarfs just help against helicopters spoting them don't go too too huge with it though unless you space em out real well
  3. What are the chances of a helicopter spotting 1 lone plant? I wonder if there are like clear one way covers to make a mini green house. I was thinking 1-3 plants. Wanted to try blue dream but I think they get too big. Auto flowers a good idea?
  4. Its all depending on where you are and growing popularity in your city. I honestly don't think that a helicopter is worried about 1~3 plants even if they could see em.

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  5. Any strains you recommend? Something tough for 1st grow. Was thinking about this 8 week thing called "quick one" To try
  6. I'd try snowryder just bought a 10 pack off herbies .[​IMG] If you do get a 100% autoflowering strain .Right now there giving them promotion things !they stay 15 inches seedsmans cheaper .The freebies afghani is supposed to be easy for beginners .
  7. Nice. Since it would be 1st grow I'm not expecting much of any. But what's the average yield per plant? Is it indica or sativa?
    The snow Ryder and the afghani
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    you could get 14 grams maybe or more .And now that i bought the 10 snowryder seeds im broke lol cost $56 USD .Its still worth it i grew bagseed shit never buds til it becomes a monster .So i choose dwarf i too .the afgani is a photoperiod strain my bad .It's not an autoflower like your wanting .If you buy the snowryder you get the himalya blue diesel seeds they are dwarf pretty much the same is snowryder a dwarf too .Some dwarfs can get slightly bigger but those strains i mentioned stay small is hell .And if your in a illegal grow state helicopters wont suspect anything be cool deny being a grower have a story stay looking down though fuckers can take pictures of your face

    see my guerilla grow thread if you want to avoid helicopters

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