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Tips for rolling phillies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DevouringLady, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. ....I hate phillies...but its all I everytime I roll it it breaks on the I wettin it too much?
  2. more like not enough?
  3. Dude if it's a cigar then why are you even breaking it? poke all the tobacco out and then put your herb in it. You don't even have to break it open
  4. maybe he doesnt want to smoke like 3 grams?
  5. haha you got a point:D
  6. Thats what people say when they dont know how to roll a blunt

  7. ^ exactly
  8. What do you mean breaking on the bend?
    I would assuming trying to bend any blunt, wet or dry, it's going to break.
  9. i think by bend they mean like roll. lol

    and uh maybe you're rolling too skimp for the wrap bro.
  10. I see, well I dunno. I used to use phillies all the time (the tubed cigarillos) and i've never run into problems with them, occasionally one will be kinda on the dry side but just wet it up and your usually good to go.
  11. you want some tips for rolling phillies? roll dutches. theres a tip :D. lmfao jk. slice that bitch with a knife , if its moist enough you can slice it right out the package/tube. if not lick it and suck it. LOL. then slice. if you get it too wet let it dry, if you cant wait run a lighter across the flat philly paper that you now have. dont burn it.
  12. tip 1-buy swishers(freshonly)
    if not, just slobber that bitch up
  13. I'm really bad. :(

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  14. thats not bad at all dog. you did gut it and then roll it right?
  15. Fo sho

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