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Tips For Quitting Smoking, Though I Always Roll With Weed+Tobacco?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by VenusBlue, May 24, 2013.

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    I am thoroughly sick of smoking tobacco all of the time, mindlessly, even though I know each cigarette takes it's toll on me. I managed to quit awhile ago when I got norovirus, I was literally too ill to smoke straight rollies (although not spliffs mixed with tobacc, only thing that could help me eat!) and for a long time I managed to just not smoke fags anymore. I started a really shitty job and naturally, picked up the habit again. My issue is me and my boyfriend both smoke daily, and we do always mix our grade, we don't like smoking pure and we just don't hit our bong.
    Anyone else do the same thing and manage to quit cigs? Any advice? I do know that my tobacco intake would still be a daily thing, but I'd be happy if I could stop craving cigs again!

    ETA: For those of you with vapes, would you say a hit from a vape is gentler than from a bong? I can smoke bongs and would be willing to, to quit tobacco but my boyfriend is quite asthmatic and he just can't do it unless we have hash! Thinking about investing in a vape but don't want to get another expensive piece we won't use...
  2. seems like you're asking how to cut an onion without a knife here.
    sure it's possible, but if you want to quit tobacco, keeping it around isnt going to make your life any easier.  there's still nicotine, so you'll still have the same cravings.
  3. I quit smoking cigarettes last year for a stretch.  Of course I started again after a few months ( :metal: ) but here's how I did it.
    Just stop cold turkey and go as long as you absolutely can.  It will suck.  You will feel pretty bad (you know how nicotine withdrawal is.) When you absolutely can't stand it anymore, have one.  Then start the process over again.  Eventually the nicotine withdrawal will stop bothering you if you can wait long enough between cigarettes and you'll just stop craving them.  Of course, this isn't going to work for everyone and it may take a few tries, but it's better than the shitty fucking expensive patch.  
    However you decide to do it, best of luck with quitting! You can do it. :smoking:  
  4. grab a packet of Greengo, 
    i started using it to roll spliffs when i gave up tobacco, burns evenly, tastes nice, and no nicotine  :hello:

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