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Tips for quitting green and what to expect?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by B_bunny, Dec 21, 2015.

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    Title is pretty straight forward. I started smoking heavily about 8 months ago for medical reasons. I have a severe gastric issue and the weed was the only thing that allowed me to eat enough to survive. I had never smoked before hand.

    I am a 5.5" 148lb mid 20's female, I have been smoking several times a day every day for the last 8 months. I used a volcano vape mostly but also a few bongs/joints.

    I want to quit because my stomach is getting better and the I can't justify the weed as being beneficial to my health (or my wallet).
    I know everyone reacts differently when they quit but I was wondering if anyone had any other experience with similar amounts of weed and frequency of smoke.

    I am 28 hours into my last smoke and I have some other legal medication for sleeping since I read that was one of the most common side effects. I have had constant nausea all day but I don't know if that is from my stomach (hence why I smoked in the first place) or from the withdrawal of weed.

    Any advice or experience you have to share would be appreciated!

  2. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms from'll be fine.
  3. Yes there are. I have already experienced the insomnia and sweats last time I tried to quit (lasted a whoooole day :p)

    It is fairly well documented as well.

    It may not have the withdrawal properties of some of the harder drugs but that doesn't mean your body can't develop a dependency on it.

    Anyone else that feels like sharing the same above sentiment that weed is completely harmless and no side effects please feel free to skip on the replying. I'm too tired for a debate online and am just looking for others who have gone through the same experience as me. Thank you.

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    [​IMG] Did i say weed was completely harmless and has no side effects? No I didn't.
    You've been smoking for a whole eight months... you might experience very mild symptoms like restless sleep for a few days but that's it. Exercise, eat omega-3 six and nine and find ways to cope with stress that's my suggestion to you.
  5. I agree with Ron. I've quit a few times with no problem. It's all in your head.
  6. I've worked and been involved with my own and others recovery programs for many years and cannabis is not physically addictive. What actually happens is when you smoke your body don't produce the natural cannaboliodes (forgive my spelling ) itself so when you stop smoking it takes your body just a couple of days to kick in to production and that's why people mistake this for a full physical dependency. It is recognised as being a mental dependency which can prove difficult but considering the short time you were smoking you shouldn't experience anything remotely severe.
    Taking vallium or any benzo's will give you a real habit that will be worse than anything cannabis use could ever cause. ..
    Pls be very careful with the vallium and good luck✌
  7. See was that so hard to give some actual advice rather than telling me it's nothing? I already exercise every day and take supplements so hopefully that will help reduce the symptoms. But the insomnia is very intense. I will lay awake all night and be completely 100% wide awake. Even if exhausted, even with meditation and melatonin tablets.

    I am experience withdrawal symptoms otherwise I wouldn't be here asking how to deal with them. I WAS only smoking for 8 months, but during that 8 months I was smoking anywhere between 1-2 ounces a fortnight. This is literally the first night I have been without weed in 8 months.

    It's not in my head, Guod. It is in my body and it is causing very real symptoms. If you don't have any advice on how to deal with then refer to previous comment about skipping on the reply.

    So far today; irritability, anxiety, stomach cramps and pain, extreme nausea (debatable whether from weed) and of course the favourite; insomnia.

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    Hi boots. Addiction and dependency are very different things. I don't think I have an addiction but after using 3-5 times a day for 8 months every day I DO have a slight dependency.

    The fact that I am experiencing withdrawal like symptoms once ceasing it is indication of that. My biggest issue is really just the sleep. I can deal with being moody and sweaty but not if I can't sleep for 5 days in the process.

    Also I have been prescribed sleeping pills for years. I use a 30 pack prescription to manage anxiety caused by PTSD. That pack usually lasts me a year. I don't have a issue with them if any I am quite anti-medication, particularly these types. But they DO put me to sleep so I intend to use it for the first few nights to get through the insomnia.

    I am a nurse and am well aware of the effects and dangers but thank you for the warning.

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    it's not full blown physical dependency like Boots2474 stated above, let's be clear about that.
    So you're telling me you smoke between an ounce to 2 ounces every two weeks? That's far too much for any user in my opinion no matter if it's used medicinally or recreationally.
    You need to give it some time... you just stated that you stopped just for one day so far.

    Edit: also you cannot talk about other drugs on here.
  10. Sorry I wasn't aware about the other drug rule. It is a legal drug and I have a prescription for it. I will edit it out though if it is of concern.

    YES I am telling you that is how much I smoked (well vaped, smoking kills me). And yes it IS too much for one person which is why I am trying to quit and why I am suffering withdrawal symptoms.

    Ironically enough i started smoking weed because the doctors wouldn't give me any pain killers after my ice junkie brother cracked two of my ribs. So they overloaded me with NSAID's which did nothing for my pain and completely trashed my stomach. Without the weed I couldn't eat. The gastropathy completely trashed my stomach.

    I was vomiting everyday. I have diarrhea STILL every day. Every time I ate anything I would get severe stabbing pain in my stomach and later my bowels. If I didn't eat anything then it was even worse...

    I tried all the OTC meds. I went to a dietician, naturopath, gastrologist as well as several doctors.

    Weed was the only thing that let me eat and even then it was just enough to manage 800-1200 calories which is grossly undereating. Now I have cut right back down to a 3/4-ounce a fortnight but I would like to stop completely as I no longer see any health benefit to it and I believe I can manage the nausea and pain without it.

    I am giving it time.... all I asked for was advice on how to deal with some of the symptoms that others may have experienced. I didn't need the lecture (especially from people who clearly haven't experienced it), and I didn't need people coming and telling me that it is all in my head and not real. But here we are so thank you for wasting both our time.

    So if you have no more insightful advice about how to help, than ciao.

  11. [​IMG] no you're not giving it just stated that you stopped 28 hours ago and now you're experiencing all these side this 28 hour span.

    Like I said before give it time, your body will start producing its own cannabinoids.
    And don't blame the nausea on the cessation of weed you just stated that you have a gastrointestinal issue.... Which weed actually helped you with. I give up, good luck.
  12. Yea quit the weed and keep taking the other stuff we can't mention, real smart hun.....
    If you stick your fingers in your ears and hum really loud and then you can convince yourself of anything...
    Good luck anyways I honestly wish you luck
  13. Give it time for what? For the symptoms to get worse? Because that's what they do before they get better.

    Not that you would know since you have never experienced it. I am asking for ADVICE. Holy shit, I am not on here screaming that it is too much to handle, I am here to get feedback from other peoples experiences. Experiences that you lack. You have zero knowledge on this topic so why are you even here? My post has nothing to do with you yet you just haaave to throw your useless 2 cents in.

    Nausea is one of the listed withdrawal symptoms which btw is even in the new DSM if you felt like doing some light reading about the effects. Also I stated TWICE that I thought the nausea was possibly from the stomach issues as well and not the weed.

    These withdrawal symptoms in studies (yes they are there if you go look) show that the symptoms only occur in 40% or so of heavy users so I can understand why people don't think it is real because they haven't experienced it. But the net is littered with anecdotal evidence as well as research studies for those who want to look.

    All I am looking for is people going through similar experiences and how they dealt with them. Why this offends you so much is beyond me.

    I am not a idiot, i am well aware that this is something that I am going to have to push through and just wait out. That doesn't mean that there aren't ways to make it easier and it certainly doesn't exclude me from coming here and asking people who have experienced the same for support. If you don't have that support to offer then why come here at all?

    Yes, please do give up and go away.

  14. Boots. I have 15 of those pills. The doctors (who are also very aware of the side effects) prescribed me with them knowing my intention of use. They also told me that they won't give me a refill for another 6 months which I agreed to because I very rarely use it and don't particularly like the drowziness.

    But if stick your finger up your ass and hum real loud you might be able to wash away all those assumptions you just made based off no evidence.

  15. My god.... We've already suggested some things you can do to help you with your "Withdrawal symptoms".
    I've told you repeatedly to give it time for your body to regulate itself, to make it's own cannabinoids again. What do you not understand about that? I've also suggested exercise and eating diet rich in omega-3 six and nine.
    Again you stated you stopped smoking 28 hours ago I find hard to believe you're having all of these symptoms with in this 28 hours.

    Anecdotal evidence doesn't mean shit. The DSM is about classifying disorders... has nothing to do with cannabis.

  16. Wow you should take up smoking and chill girl. ..
    Here hun feel the LOVE lol xx
  17. OH gosh you are completely right!!!!! Why didn't I exercise and take supplements beforehand??! Thank you so much for solving all my issues. Now please feel free to move along so you can spread that wisdom with others! Hate to hog such a deep and insightful source such as yourself with all that experience you have.

    Also its called "Cannabis withdrawal syndrome" in the DSM V. But I am sure it has absolutely nothing to do with cannabis. Just a big coincidence. Oddly enough it mentions that the symptoms begin less than 24 hours after ceasing marijuana but I am sure that you, being the wealth of experience you are, must know so much more than all the research articles that the DSM V is based off.

    I can't believe I specifically asked not to have to go down this debate and yet here are the idiots telling me what I am and am not experiencing.

  18. If I could find a way to block you at this point I would. So instead I am just going to have to settle for ignoring your posts for the uneducated dribble that it is.

    Again if anyone ELSE has actually experienced these withdrawal symptoms as well and has some insight as to how they coped with them it would be much appreciated.

    People who wish to continue to tell me it doesn't exist because they have never experienced it, please feel free to read over the previous comments and move onto the next thread. Thank you.
  19. #19 wafdof, Dec 21, 2015
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    OP. Step back, take a deep breath and relax. I bet that is 99.9999% of your problems. I could only read 1/100000 of some of your replies because I find your demeaning attitude towards others as offensive. I know if you talked that way to any of these people face to face that are honestly trying to give you their input and advice they would do like what I do to belligerent abusive strangers and just walk away.

    Take it down a notch and life will be much happier for you and the people that have to deal with you. You were smoking too much which you didn't say until later and now are confused that it has a negative effect on you when you quit cold turkey all I have to say is DUH and pure genius...
  20. You're a ray sunshine aren't you? :lol:
    I took a look at what the DSM classifies as 'cannabis withdrawal syndrome':

    Findings support the concurrent and predictive validity of the proposed DSM-V CWS, but suggest that the list of withdrawal symptoms and number required for diagnosis warrant further evaluation.
    External validity may be limited because subjects were a convenience sample of cannabis users from one research site.

    To me it's inconclusive especially with a limited sample.

    You won't find much help on here with your piss poor attitude and personal attacks.


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