Tips for outdoor plant stability?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by iamironman, May 31, 2002.

  1. heyyall, just wonderin i got bout 100 plants going outside, just sprouted from the ground and seem a little unstable, is there anything i can do to make sure they do not fall over and die? thanx yall theyre bout 1-5 inches.

    -from a fan of Jay and Silent Bob-
  2. That's a tough one..try not to let them get drowned by hard rain,,,ginsing cover material works well,if you can get it easily.

    If weather don't get them,,they should do ok if they are already about 5",,the wind will toughen them as well..

    good luck

  3. thanx for the help man, my friend said i should dig around them, then dig a hole underneath then put the plant in so its deeper, will this work?
  4. yeah one or 2 of my plants are toppeling, i dug up some dirt around em and just made a little mound, these were the biggest ones i had so i hope it doesnt happen to the rest of my little babies, please anyone reading this got any suggestions? heh im kinda scared cause i been planning this for like a whole year a i dont wanna screw up now...

    -from a Jay and Silent Bob fan-

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