Tips For Outdoor Growing?

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  1. Topic title says it all! Any tips from anyones experience from outdoor growing. JUST STARTING. Just planted my seeds like 5 mins ago.
  2. First tip is its to late in most of north America. My second tip will be is start reading and researching on Google. No one will help someone that cant help themselves to research, its mostly free anyways. Lots of great stuff out there to read. So you have my tips and thats all ill help you with. Hopefully the rest will agree with me here.

    Oh and your post is lazy too.
  3. Well the post is "lazy" because I'm asking for tips. Don't really think you HAVE to know all my 'specs'.... Cant a man just simply ask for tips while writing "title says it all"? Because yes, the title is asking a question for tips. That means YOU the people post general tips. Thats how i see it. Everyone sees things different.
  4. You dont give us where you live nor your climate so how the hell can anyone help you anyways. I told you what to do and you will find all your answers on Google. Stop being lazy and expect someone else to do your work.
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    Your op is pretty lazy. Go do your own research and come back with real questions.
    Tip 1. Your way to late. Get a grow book and come back next year.
  6. I like trying to help people out, but I dont if I feel they didnt pull their own weight.
  7. Ill give you one last tip just because I dontt want you to think im a complete ass. Google how to grow marijuana outdoors
  8. They are plenty of threads that detail every step of outdoor growing. Go read a few threads back to front multiple times, then come back with some questions if you have any.
  9. Love your plants as much as you can and you will see her give you love back :bongin:  :bongin:
  10. Go get some books and read them cover to cover. Learn all you can before next year starts. Ed Rothensal and Jorge Cervantes both write grow bibles. Asking for answers without having the slightest clue how to grow is lazy and if you are lazy you plant will reflect it.
  11. Women Huh..

    Spaceman Charlie..
  12. my REAL tip that isnt some jab at you being too "lazy" to read and research anything..because im sure you will do that as well.
    the tip is "be on top of the bug prevention, not bug maintenance"  basically try to prevent them from coming to your plants instead of trying to fight them off after. i learned that this year. i thought oh theres nothing on them i dont need to buy all these sprays for bugs. then BAM im infested with something hollowing out branches.
    try not to let the harsh words bum you out. its not like your post is asking for everyone to detail how to grow. people hes asking for tips. i wish i had soem tips when i started. bug prevention, to let your super soil "cook" before planting in it. every one of you was a beginner at some point and didnt have all your great methods you do now. lets not be hateful. if you think he needs to read up, give him the link to the grow bible... like this i hope the link works being a pdf file. 
  13. Everything you mentioned is any grow book. But hey let's spoon feed every noob along. Man how did people figure out how to grow before forums.
  14. Lol I grew weed on bad infor for 7 out of 10 years. If I would of known about all of this id be so much better. I alway had the internet on my phone but thats just getting good now and I just got land line internet 6 months ago.
  15. ive read several books and most barely mention outdoor. theres also no need to be a dick. again where in his topic title or post does he ask for someone to tell him how to grow? im just seeing a topic and op that wants the tips for outdoors. then i see a bunch of grow matsers do what i hate seeing..crap on the new guy for asking a simple question. 
    if it was me and i wanted to grow im not growing on bad getting all the tips i can to ensure i get a good harvest. if that means i make a "lazy" topic asking for general things to look out for or do that would help then so be it. 
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    He just planted his seeds for outdoor last week. I think he need to learn the basics before tips are needed.
    He gave no info about what he was looking for.
    His thread is about as bad a can you tell how much I will harvest threads.
    You mention make sure to cook your soil. Why would you need to cook bagged soil. How do you know he is growing organic. Does he even know what organic gardening is. How do you know anything about his grow to be able to give tips on it. I
    All for helping the noobs but I don't spoon feed the either.
    Reading all the different threads here would give him plenty of tips but yet again they take the lazy way out.

    Can anyone tell me what this will yield.

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  17. i mentioned the cooked soil as a tip i didnt recieve even after reading tons about going organic. it would have saved me 3 weeks of time had i known. i would have not had to burn them for a week, transplant them out before they died only to put them back in a safer mix a month later. 
    im all for people doing the work but im not cool with people being a dick. there was no need for 4 different people to say the same thing, all while being a jerk about it. 
  18. i guess i should add im nto trying to be mean but i see that kind of attitude towards beginners everywhere, not just this site. it bugs me. sometimes noobs dont know where to begin. i just had to explain to someone that reg light bulbs dont work and that heat lamps are best used to heat lizards. he had no clue there was growing sites or books he could buy. everytime he talks about i, everyone just laughs at him
  19. It's amazing what an internet search will result in. If someone is interested in growing it's up to them to find out how to. With the internet it's way to easy to learn anything. Not utilizing the internet and technology is just laziness. If someone's not smart enough to learn for them selfs maybe they leave growing to others.
  20. if you hit in google "how to grow outside" you will get thousands and thousands of post. my outdoor groe is a mash of 100s of post people have made..

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