Tips for not dying everytime I take a hit...

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Lyravega, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. I am what at this point would be considered a pro smoker...
    But never seem to be able to take a hit without my nose running and coughing like hell cuz of it.
    Really sensitive to pollen - you think weed kicks off my allergies?
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  2. Same here + my eyes run all day..
    2 choices for me..stop growing/consuming, or grin and bear it..Guess which I chose..LOL
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  3. Please stop smoking weed and send all unsmoked pot to me for disposal.

    Seriously, just take small hits.
    I've been smoking a very long time and I hate coughing my fool head off. So I just take small hits. I still get there too!
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  4. I agree with taking smaller hits. It's not a contest, man.
    I also need to pull mine through water. (bong) Makes a HUGE difference.
    Washing buds at harvest takes it down, noticeably, another notch.
    I have stomach issues, thanks to prescription meds, and I can't smoke a joint rolled in paper without having a cough drop first. Chokes me up terribly. Even then it's little hits, and even then it's still a chore.
    And I just eat brownies when I'm tired of smoking the shit.

    Have you tried vaping and is it any better?
  5. Cough cough cough the music of a stoner. Stop smoking tobacco is a biggun.
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  6. I went to all edible oil about 3 years ago and never smoked again.
    Never thought I'd give up toking the weed but it wasn't all that hard and I'm way more stoned then I ever got smoking the herb.
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  7. Actually I hate to be the bearier of bad news but I also have allergies to pollen and I deal with this quite often when smoking. The best thing you can do though it out get a sip of water and let that part pass and enjoy the high. I know it sucks but you'll be fine if anything you learn to used it.
  8. Doesn't sound very pro like. ....

    What the hell is a pro smoker anyways. Is there a league or something? How is it judged? Is there a minor league? Farm league? 4 decades of smoking and 3 decades of growing, do I qualify? Most of all do pro smokers get paid?
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  9. Now here's someone asking the important questions in life here. I think we are going to call it MLS.(major league smoker). We should all come together at hempfest and see who's the most qualified to be an MLS. Whoever can take the biggest milkest bong rip without coughing wins. Now we have MLD(major league dabbing) same as before take the best dab and don't cough. And of course MLC(major league cultivation) for this category you got a bud but it has be at least 30% THC. Everyone will judge these buds it's basically another cannabis cup with a funny name.
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