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Tips for new Vape Owners

Discussion in 'General' started by gangeefried718, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. I have the Arizer Extreme Q so I'll give specific instructions for it
    but most of what I'm talking about will apply to all vaporizers

    Congrats on buying the most effective cannabis consumption system ever invented.

    First there are some key differences about preparing the herb.

    It needs to be really dry, much drier than you want for smoking. I set mine out overnight and, if needed, will put it under a lamp or in a warmish oven till the weed easily crumbles under your fingers.

    I suggest using a grinder w/a kief screen at this stage. If you don't have one, use your fingers to pulverize the herb as fine as possible, removing any sees and stems along the way

    {add these seeds and stems to your AVB (already vaped bud) stash and use them in your canna-oil ;) }

    Grind your weed lightly (10-20 twists), till it falls into the first collection chamber. Using tweezers, take out any seeds/stems and grind thoroughly (20-50 twists). This second grinding will really put out a shit ton of keif, if the weed is properly dried. Sift through the herb one more time picking out any largish un-ground pieces and add to your AVB stash. ;)

    You should be left with a fairly uniform ~almost~ powdered herb.

    If your smoking alone don't bother with a bag system. Its a complete waste of herb. The bag system is best when you have more than 3 people.

    Pack the elbow on the whip. I just hold the bowl over the weed and suck up a bowl. Pack lightly enough so that no herb falls out when you put it on the vaporizer. Take a couple of hits and stir, repeat till cashed, stirring after every 2 hits. If done right you can get ~6 hits from a bowl. I weighed a bowl and one bowl is .3g

    Your starting temps need to be close to combustion at first. The hits from a vape are extremely light and any smoker will have issues feeling the hit it at ~380f. When you take the hit don't stack the hit like you do w/smoke. You can easily send the vapor straight to the bottom of your lungs.


    You can easily do it, but just don't, trust me on this.
    only take about a half lung full and top off with fresh air.

    slow and steady on your draw as well
    too fast/slow results in a weaker hit

    I started vaping at around 425-430f. If you pull to long/fast at that temp you can start a cherry. The trick is to learn to take slow steady hits. After about a week or two of vaping @ 430 drop the temps down by 10 degrees a week, till you settle at around 380-390.

    !!!!KEEP ALL YOUR AVB!!!!!​

    If you want you can use the AVB to make some extremely potent canna-oil, that can offset your smoking drastically.
    I clean my vape regularly, keep the resin and add that to my AVB canna-oil ;)

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