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  1. i have 2 ladies in my backyard, about 5.5' tall. in week 3-4 of flowering and the radius of smell is growing daily.

    my neighbors are good people, keep to themselves, i just dont want to push the envelope.

    i have a 7' privacy fence, so seeing them isn't an issue at all, just the smell.

    so far ive been keeping all my grass clippings in a pile near the fence, and picked up some moth balls to keep around the girls, but wanted to know if anyone has any surefire suggestions.

  2. grow hmm i forgot the name a episode of weeds were they grow in tht one hoes house tht they rent...tht black bitch is plating some plants to cover the smell..
  3. good thing i have the first 2 seasons on dvd, ill have to check it out.
  4. i have been saying skunk problem, but we live rural and do have skunks, but i know i would know difference, luckily our neighbors are 100 yd /150yd, what concerns me is people that come to door,cause i have diffently smelled it there and i am use to odor from being around it, still have 4 more weeks, any ideas would be great, i thought about dirty garbage can, they get pretty rank after week or so, i just don't want to smell it when i go out front door, i know i just harvested 3 sunday and that helped but still have 5 large that aren't ready, so i can just imagine how strong those will be
  5. compost pile
  6. i have kept rabbits around in hutches and they have a smell thats fairly strong.its kinda like whats that smell?and its the rabbits making compost.buck rabbits make the most stink.
  7. Best way it to have a truck load of cow manure dumped on the side of your house. Or go buy some bags of cow manure. Cut them open and set about every 10 feet around your fence line. problem solved.
  8. one of my buddies puts roadkill close to his plants and they dnt smell anymore

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