tips for making my own glass

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  1. hi guys. just purchased
    14.5mm joint as my downstem for a glass bottle bong.
    i'm using a kraken rum botttle, which has vertical sides:
    i know there are loads of tips for glass drilling online, but none mention drilling at an angle for a stem.
    so, is it possible? or would it still work if drilled, sanded, and then bought a 14/15mm rubber grommet?
    or should i use a dremel to make an oval shape 14.5mm wide?
    basically, help! if someone could give me a play by play that would be great, because everything i've found so far tells me to drill perpendicular to the bottle surface! 

  2. I've always wondered the same thing. I never got a dremel and diamond bit to do it instead i bought a bong :p. in theory you could drill and angled hole but it would take skill and patience.
  3. yeah. that or drill slightly oversize and use a grommet? i'm lost amongst bad ideas!

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