Tips for hiding a bong OUTSIDE?

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    I know hiding a bong outside for concealment isn't worth the risk, but my mom found my bowl and now she is suspicious that i'm some "pothead drug addict".
    anything that I do, and I mean ANYTHING I do, she'll think it's weed related. ESPECIALLY when I need money! and It's only a matter of time until she checks my room, and she'll check EVERY SINGLE INCH.
    So I basically have no other choice. So any tips, mainly on taking care of the bong, should I wrap it in clothing, keep it in a shoebox? WHERE should I hide it?
    (I have already posted this on the apprentice tokers forum but I decided to post here as well since I wasn't getting a lot of replys.           I need answers)

  2. I would just wrap it in clothes and put it in your car or your garage, really though tell your mom your an adult (unless your not really 18 :smoking: )and its your choice tell her you won't do it in her house or be high around her.  :bongin:  :bongin:  :hippie:
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    If your not 18 its no big deal even though its against GC i will still help out a fellow smoker. I got caught smoking weed at 13. Sucks right? I know it, took until 16 to actually grow up about it. I decided at the age of 16 to have a serious face to face conversation with my mother. I told her straight up that i was growing up and still did everything i had to do like get good grades and be a varsity athlete. It was tough but she understood to a certain extent i mean shes still an ass about it no doubt but its illegal and its better to do it in her house and blow out of the window. If youre 18 just talk to her about it but i doubt youre 18 or older if youre asking momma for money to the point where she has to make comments.
    If you arent going to be mature about it or you just cant talk to her about it hide it in clothes and if possible in an old schoolbag somewhere
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  4. Should have bought a bong with out a place to put it

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