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Tips for first time growers that know nothing about growing

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by medicineman77, Sep 19, 2008.

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    I have some Top 44 seeds. I picked them seeing that they are supposed to be good for beginners thing is is that I have no idea how to create a very small efficient and cheap growing system for two or three plants. Did I pick a good strain and what advice do you guys have for a person that don't know shit about growing. I am doing this so that I will have the experience of what it is like to smoke weed and if I like it I will continue also what are some good tips for whatever you do with the weed to smoke it

    would something like this be a good idea
    http://www.aerogrow.com/index.php?clickname=Home (Menu)
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    here is the low-down if you want to keep it cheap.

    4-6x 40W Warm white CFL's, 2700K at 2600 lumen each - price ~ 10$ ea.
    2-3x 27W Cool white CFL's, 6200K at 1600 lumen each - price 3-4$ ea.
    ?x Some extension cords and power-bars - 20-30$ overall
    6-10x Outlet-to-lightbulb adaptor, has a plug on one side and a screw-in-base on the other - price 1$ ea
    1x Table-fan, preferably oscilating, if not it's fine too - price 10-30$
    1-2x Programable timers, make sure you get one suited for the ammount of watts you have - price 5 - 50$ ea.
    ?x Enough white paint to cover your grow space with, or enough mylar - price 2 - 20$

    Now, that will take care for your light-needs. Keep in mind, this is assuming you want to keep it small and cheap, yet effective to grow a bit of bud. The top section can be replaced with a 400W HPS, but then it's not going to be cheap, as you need to get some good ventilation in there, and that often means you have to install an inline fan.

    Now, you need more stuff

    -Pots. 6x6x6" at the verry least
    -Soil. I don't have much experience growing in soil, so you have to find that out for yourself. Make sure though it's light and fluffy and not too compact. ALSO MAKE SURE IT HAS NO ADDED TIME-RELEASE FERTILIZER
    -Fertilizers. some 20-15-15 or 20-20-20 for veg, and some 15-30-30 or 3-6-6 for bloom
    -Thermometer and Hygrometer- They often come as a 2in1 device, important to know how warm it is
    -You need to get creative and come up with a way of suspending your lights from the ceiling or otherwise attaching in your grow-space so that they are as close as possible to the plants and are easily adjustable.
    -DARKNESS. You want it completley dark in whatever you're growing during the lights-off time, so the place needs to be sealed against light.
    -Cool air. Make sure your fan gets cool air (below 60F) from somewhere to keep your room nice and cool. Sometimes, the air from outside the grow-box is okay, other times you need air from outside.

    So, that was SOME of the stuff you need. This is not a complete list, there is more you will need. This is just to give you a basic idea and understanding what you're looking at.
    I am sure someone will chime in here and add more stuff, correct me or have a better idea :D So don't take my post as a list of stuff you have to get. It's more of a proof-of-concept kinda thing ;)
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    read up the information on this site. stickies, guides whatever you can find. never heard of top 44 seeds, but since it's your first time and i assume you'll be growing sensimilla (seedless weed), you'll be properly baked i can guarantee.

    the information to all your questions is already here on the website, usually stickied at the top. i highly suggest reading around the beginner forum. google is also your friend. rave is very right on with his info, but there are many many ways to do it and that is just one. this is definitely one of those things where the more time you put into researching beforehand, the less time and money you waste later.

    one thing though, it seems like a lot of trouble to go through growing it being is how you've never done it and might not even like it. growing properly can be a costly venture requiring much commitment but is very rewarding with success. perhaps try buying a baggie first?
  4. Man, i hope i didn't scare him :D
  5. That poster got most of the info right... I'll add a few corrections

    First, and most important... READ THE STICKIES!!!.... They will help you out a ton because people have probably asked the questions you have.

    For lighting, use more lights in the 6500K range for sprouting your seeds, then once you start to flower, use more lights in the 2700K range... the ratio for veg is about 3:2 and for flowering is 2:3

    Cannabis grows best in temperatures of 80-86f... Below 70 isn't a good idea... Around 60 and below will cause shock and possibly kill your plants... It's not so much cool air that is important, it's air with CO2... Air from inside is almost always the best choice.

    Also, for the sake of keeping it easy for your self, pick a brand of fertilizers that are known to work well with cannabis... My personal favorite is Advanced Nutrients

    As he also said, you'll need a thermometer and a hydrometer, these are usually just nice little units you hang from the wall.... they will give you your room temperature and relative humidity... You should get one with a day/night or a high/low setting so it's easier for you to keep track of things

    In addition to that, you'll need a soil Ph monitor if growing in soil... And if growing hydro, you will need a Ph/TDS meter... Be careful, the Ph meters for soil and hydro are different

    Last, but not least, Always double check any information you are given on these forum, because as you saw, the info isn't always correct and can come from noobs who have never even seen a plant, much less grown one.

    Happy growin'!!!!:wave::smoke:
  6. I decided that growing within a house is not worth the risk so here is the crazy thing I did, first here is what I had
    The crazy thing I did was go to my parents place who have a big barn they no longer use well i opened the door to the chicken coop which has not been used in years so I am thinkin the chemicals in the soil have balanced out and I am going to let nature take its course next time though I am going to get a tough hardy OUTDOOR plant what do you guys think
  7. peronsaly i think you wasted your seeds
  8. Ok so here is an update on whats happening with my indoor seeds that I planted outdoors and this picture is what they look like after one week of no attention accept by mother nature.

  9. dude... i am not being a dick, but here comes a load of constructive criticism...

    1st. Have you read any books / tutorials / howto's on how to grow Marijuana? Have you checked the absoloute beginners board yet? If you haven't done that, then i suggest you do so. Another page with nice tutorials and info is greenmanspage.com and weedfarmer.org. They pretty much have identical information.
    2nd. You wasted your seeds by planting them now. it's way too late and winter is comming, your plants won't survive. Even if they would, you planted them waaaaaaay to close to each other, and you did not prepare the soil at all. The soil is gonna be way to acidic anyway because of all the chickenshit...

    This may sound harsh, but if you're discarding our advice like that we don't want to help you no more. you will not grow weed like that. There are a lot of knowledgable people around that have grown tons of weed here, and the way you do it will yield to nothing. you can't just throw some seeds in the ground IN FALL and expect to see buds.

    Growing MJ takes patience, common sense and some inteligence. You gotta be able to read and follow instructions. Can you do that?

    for the love of god, stop abusing the plants like that and read these guides on outdoor cultivation. They might not be 100% correct but they are a verry good start for someone like you :rolleyes:

    Simple steps for outdoor cultivation

    and this one here

    Growing Marijuana outdoors

    good luck man, come back with any questions
  10. It was an experiment and hey who knows I might get something out of it. I do admit I planted em way too close but the reason I put the indoor seeds outdoors is due to the fact that I read that the plants are smelly so I wanted to put them in the barn to mask their odor and give em plenty of nutrients. Next year I am going to buy some outdoor seeds and do it right but thanks for the advice.
  11. I'm a new grower too (indoor micro though). Read as much as you can, I've been reading for weeks and still have a lot to learn i'm sure.... but dont loose hope on the ones you've got started! Who knows, they might surprise you! After all, they are a weed!
  12. you just wasted your time, money, and perfectly good seeds. you could have just sent them to me if you were gonna do that lol. not only are they too close together, not in the right soil, but they're also stretching like fuck because they're not getting enough light.
  13. [quote name='Crazy Pothead']As he also said, you'll need a thermometer and a hydrometer,

    Hydrometer - why would he want to measure the specific gravity of his fert??
  14. There was a dickhead newbie here a couple of years ago who totally ignored everything he was told - always responded with - It´s an experiment. Dejá vu.

    Oh, those plants are really stretching - not enough light. But it doesn´t matter, they will die anyway.
    I am amazed that people grow to be adults and have still not managed to absorb the basic fact that you plant in the spring and harvest in the autumn.
  15. Did you read the whole reply, I said I was going to do it right next year with outdoor seeds but I would like to know if their is a strain out there that can handle heat. Please put a link in your reply. I cannot believe how much you guys are freakin out.
  16. who cares if he doesnt want to take your advice..... and depending on his location he cant grow that things and get bud off it
  17. to my knowledge, no there isn't any specific strain resistant to heat. if outdoor conditions aren't good, then your only choice is to go indoor (which is way easier and more convenient anyway).
  18. Sativas are more resistant to heat, well, they are used to it as they grow in the tropical regions of the world, but that's beside the point. Like chemical said, you won't be able to grow outdoors at this point in the year unless you live in the southern hemisphere or on the equator.

    You could have put your seeds to much better use if you just read one or two paragraphs about growing. It is useless to plant any two seeds that close together whether its basil, tomatoes or marijuana. Instead of 8 plants you will only have 4 because the stronger plant will take over the root space of the smaller weaker plant. Most of growing is really common sense. Maybe you should start with growing basil or something, that stuff grows in anything. Or maybe you'll figure out that growing just isn't for you after all.

    One thing you should do before you do anything else is to re-read this thread maybe once or twice more and digest all of the information in it. People put in their time to help you out so you should take the time to read and accept their advice.
  19. I have to grow it outside so I won't get caught, besides I don't have hundreds of dollars to blow on some fancy setup besides these things started in nature why can't they handle being back in nature half way through spring to summer period. I know you are all pissed off but please calm down or you could tell me where I could get my hands on some buds and if I ever do smoke it I am going out into the woods to do it. I know I screwed up but it won't happen again besides I have been reading and that is why I know that the plants put off a noticeable odor that would be hard to mask without some fancy setup.
  20. don't worry man, i don't think anyone is pissed off at you. and anyone who is, is taking this forum way too seriously. if you can't grow inside and you can't grow outside... then you can't grow lol.

    i'm assuming you're afraid of getting caught by your parents, if so just wait till you move out. if you're not old enough to move out, then you're not old enough to be smoking anyway, IMO.

    if it's not parents, then just use a carbon filter to eliminate smell.

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