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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Downsouth Kush, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Does anyone have any tips they could give me on closet growing?
  2. Buy a grow tent that will fit into your closet. Ventilate well. Make sure it's light proof. I could go on and on......
  3. Spend a lot of time planning & reading through the grow section, absorbing as much as you can on the topic--before starting to grow. It will be much less of a headache than winging it and scrambling for info as each new problem arises.
  4. Just look at all the different closet grows and copy one you think you can handle/afford...

  5. grow tent or build your own with wood or something. Decide one your lighting HID, CFL, or any of the others, but probably first before you do that...decide what your budget is lol :smoke:

  6. Exactly this. I tried to copy rumpleforeskin, but without his CO2 and in a tent instead of a closet. He's still beating me by a ton on the yield, but my first grow was 2.75oz and my second one was 5.5. This time I'm hoping for 10.
  7. I don't think you can go wrong copying Rump. :metal:

    Did you copy him right down to using Nirvana's White Widow, or just use the same basic setup?
  8. I did same space, 2x4x7, same light 400w (but I run mh during veg, I think he does hps the whole way through), cool tube, scrog, bubble buckets, lucas formula.

    I use some other general hydroponics additives, and I don't have co2. I'm not getting anywhere close to what he gets, but I got 5.5oz off 1 plant vegged for 37 days on my second grow ever. It was fruity chronic juice, (a white widow/chronic cross). This time I'm doing yumbolt 47. Octogonal home, (another talented grower on this site), said it was the best weed he ever had and the biggest yielder out of 5 strains he grew. Got 2 plants this time vegged from clone for almost 90 days, about 4-5 weeks into flower right now, I'm hoping for over 10oz.
  9. Sounds good. ;) I'm guessing you run lower temps than him though, since he can go higher with the CO2.

    His LED grows were fun to follow as well--if you haven't already read through those. He did good with those too, even though it was much less than his HPS grows.
  10. 1. Heat will be your biggest problem (if you can ventilate the exhaust through the ceiling or out of the closet, then you're set)
    2. Make sure you have a grow spot big enough to accommodate your plants & space for you to move around in the closet too.

    Good luck brother.
  11. research some limited stress training techniques so you can get more out of less;)

  12. I second the LST. I have a 3x6x8 closet. I have a 2"x8bulb T5 for veg and a 600W hps for flower. using panda film and those tarp zippers, i made seperate veg and flower. So far so good (lets me stagger my cycles a little bit for quicker turn over). If you go HPS make sure you can cool that light. I use a 170 cfm in-line fan (closet is only 144 cf) and that works great.

    Think about running your lights at night if you don't have ac and that will help with heat too.

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