tips for clearing one hitter?

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  1. after using my one hitter, I have a hard time getting the ash out. Like, sometimes I can't get it out at all. It's not too clogged inside because it still pulls, but even blowing through it doesn't work. Tapping on the top or side of it doesn't work either and usually I end up having to find a paperclip or something to dig the ash out.
    Could it be i'm packing it too tightly? any advice is appreciated
  2. Get one of these...built in cleaning stick

    1503356256427700102542.jpg 1503356323288705729136.jpg
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  3. I use a piece of wire are you grinding your bud or just breaking off a piece
  4. usually just breaking off flower
  5. Yeah I think that works better than using grinded bud
  6. If your talking about a bong hit and ya cone gets clogged then its one of three things.
    1. ya havent grinded ya flower well enough.
    2. the hole in the cone is to small (this is a common problem, they often need a small re-bore.
    3. the stem needs a clean.
  7. I assume he means a one hitter like the ones that kinda look like a cig
  8. Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol. That's how I clean my glass bat.
  9. I usually use a key to try and scoop the ass out
  10. Alcohol is the best way to clean any piece but it's kind of impractical between hits/bowls
  11. q-tip ... twist the cotton ends off.
  12. Pine straw. It's everywhere.

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