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Tips for choking.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sheet, May 9, 2011.

  1. Last night, I was already extremely baked and we were smoking another bowl. The bong came to me so I'm taking my hit- I didn't want to make it too milky so I meant to pull out the slide and clear it... turns out I didn't pull the slide out and I just ended up milking it to all hell. So I was like "well fuck now I have to clear this..." so I pulled the slide out and cleared it all. I have NEVER taken that big of a hit before and it really killed me. I spent the next ten minutes choking and sputtering. I had to go inside to cough in private and when I came back out everyone was like "are you alright?"

    I was extremely high so it all worked out... but does anyone have any tips on how to STOP choking? It seems like once you get started there's no end.
  2. i dont think its possible really :/
  3. Quit taking huge hits on virgin lungs? idk
  4. Hahaha so sad. I just want to be able to calm down somehow and stop.

    It's like coughing makes me feel the need to cough more. trrrble.

    And @Inst!nct- I've been smoking for a few years, but I just recently came off of a three month t-break(was looking for a job) and this was out of my friend's really nice bong. Also I stated that I didn't mean to take that big of a hit- it was an accident.
  5. but coughing gets you "like 10 times higher" right??

  6. I only coughed in my first week of smoking... if you quit trying to take huge hits it won't happen.
  7. Cough dropss, take them right before coughing man. Then you are immune to the heat, burn, or smoke amount in your throat at least.

  8. Hey you responded before my edit went through. I didn't mean to take that big of a hit, and I just started smoking again after three months. I wasn't TRYING to take a huge hit.

    I know the reason why I choked, obviously. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks to calm down and stop coughing.

  9. Mmm I will give it a try. :smoke:

  10. "like totally" hahaha.
  11. Try not to cough, for some reason coughing makes you cough more, wait to cough until you absolutely cant control it.

    I usually take a huge breath, and just hold it in coughing as little as possible until the pain is gone.

    It sucks, but all you can do is not aggravate it any more and wait it out..
  12. I seriously doubt that you never cough anymore.
  13. I cough after exhale everytime I rip the bong.
  14. try to take your hits slower. like inhale slowly. works for me with big hits.:cool:
  15. Also keep a drink nearby whenever toking helps ease the throat from big hits.
  16. spin in a circle as fast as you can

    it really works for me n all my friends, try it out n give me some rep
  17. +1 to the cough drops.

    I try to just breathe normally (interrupted halfway by a hit after clearing) and don't over think it or swallow, simple but effective.

    Besides that, I believe that there shouldn't be as much of a stigma on coughing. It happens and stifling the coughing/choking feeling makes it worse IMO. Man up to your coughs and just let it happen--at least I'll appreciate your monster hit and grin like awwww yeah :D Speaking of which...
  18. Exhale all of the smoke before you start coughing.
    It reduces the severity of your cough.
    Proven fact. :smoke:
  19. Thanks for all the tips!
  20. Drink some water, relax, and tell yourself you dont have to cough, thats what i do and it usually works.

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