Tips for Calculus?

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  1. Fuck this class. I have a take home test to do for christmas break but I am really lazy. I am out of town and if I want to smoke tomorrow (today really) I have to do this shit right now. But...I'm lazy. My teacher is good but she's a bitch and this class is fucking me over. How'd you (that took it) succeed in it? :(
  2. smoke good first, math later
  3. I bet you try to trick your dealer with complicated math huh
  4. Memorize all those damn derivatives and anti derivatives. Memorize all your function rules as well. After that, its applying those rules that can suck. Calculus takes practice,practice, practice. is great for calc practice.
  5. Basic calc is pretty simple..
  6. Maybe get a grip on yourself and just do it? You're not lazy just stupid. The world lazy was invented so stupid people could feel less worthless about themselves.
  7. calculus is just derivatives & integrals.
    you're either increasing or decreasing the exponential power.

    that is literally about the only thing you learn in calculus...
  8. Wait until you get to partial differential equations :p

    But nah, lower-level calculus isn't too bad at all. It's just a TON of rules to memorize. Memorize those rules and do lots of practice problems, and you'll have it down in no time.

    And start using your calculator only when you absolutely must.
  9. Exactly this, if you can differentiate and integrate you'll be fine.
  10. Yea is it high school calc. That shit was was simple but when I got to university.. Well I don't talk about that calculus anymore.
  11. it's the algebra that gets you
  12. Computer Science with a minor in mathematics...

    Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine
    Pauls Online Math Notes

    Pauls Online Math Notes > PatrickJMT > WolframAlpha

    Another big thing is having a a good grip on Algebra and being able to manipulate problems. For instance 1/x is really x^(-1) are manipulations that just need to be known.

    Review your trigonometry and know it like the back of your hand. :hello:
  13. That, definitely. If you use the calculator/wolfram alpha too much, you're kinda fucked on tests unless you're absolutely amazing. Practice makes perfect

    which calculus? If it's just single variable calculus (mostly just differentiating/integrating), then yeah not too bad, just practice a lot. If it's multivariable (3 dimensions) it's bound to be a little harder, not much though. Just not as straightforward as single variable stuff. Practice a lot of word problems too, those always killed me

    I'm about halfway done with a BS in mathematics so I'm fairly familiar with it all haha
  14. greatest piece of advice here.

    if your good with word problems you will be good with everything else.

  15. Basic, high school calculus...yes...

    Yeah...I made a mint tutoring in university...more people wanted help with 3rd and 4th year calc than pretty much all other maths and sciences combined...

    Algebra is basic math...most people have fewer problems with it because it's just an extension on the math you started in grade school...calc is a totally different concept when it's first introduced in high school...lots of people have troble getting their head around it...
  16. Learn how to do problems involving trig and ln, the graphing stuff (min/max, concavity, etc.), and application problems. That combined with knowing how to evaluate limits, derivatives, and integrals is pretty much the entire course.
  17. Don't drink and derive
  18. It's calc 1 and 2 ap and my school sets the standard for appreciate exam grading and it's hard af

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