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Discussion in 'General' started by daviji, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. And no, don't say "smoke more." (That's an example of something that would annoy me.)

    It seems that more and more things are annoying me as I get older. Naturally, I don't like being an angry person, but I can't help myself from being annoyed - it's an automatic response.

    Does anyone have any tips or exercises I can do to make me a less bitter person in general?
  2. stop caring what other people do? thats about all i got. im chill as fuck. i think i have only been mad 3 times, like straight up. stop lettin people get to you, live your life and who cares if they fuck up. or piss you off. what does it matter, and whats getting mad about it going to do?
  3. fuck it!

    when ever i need an attitude check i just tell myself....fuck it!

    ask yourself .. "does it really matter?"

    if really matters then maybe you are right to be angry
    if doesnt really matter then....fuck it!
  4. Just gotta learn to not let it bother you so bad and accept people for the annoying assholes they really are. :smoking:
  5. when i get mad i smoke (sorry i know this isn't what you wanted just sayin) and then just lay down and listen to the music.

    "If you get confused listen to the music play"

    that line actually helps me a lot. Did this all just yesterday.
  6. Violence is a great way to exert anger. Responsible violence. Take a big wood box, break the shit out of it, then burn it. Unless you're really pissed you'll probably feel better after breaking the hell out of the box, but it's always fun to burn shit so...

  7. Ya, venting your anger like this does help. I used to focus mine into lifting weights and riding my 10speeds (this was 30years ago). Today, the Dr's just want me to take pills for it...:(
  8. What part of misery do you hail from cball?
  9. think about it this way. anger is just the initial response you got from whatever the action is that made you feel that way, is being angry going to change the situation or the thing that person is doing? in reality, no.

    just move on and chill or analyze the situation rationally and for my personal experience, i notice more than half the time i am actually just over reacting due to my initial response of anger.

    peace i hope that helped. :smoking:

  10. How about not posting threads that try to control how people respond in the VERY FIRST SENTENCE?

    My guess, cope with your feelings of lack of power and control IRL, and you'll find less anger in your life.
  11. Keep a pencil and a notebook with you, get angry and describe it, it'll help you vent it.

    Our of curiosity in what situations are you getting annoyed? Is it directed at objects, people, actions, media, yourself, situations, repetitions, absurdities, patterns?
  12. everything you do is a zero-sum game. every moment you're angry or annoyed is a moment you're not enjoying something
  13. healthy breakfast

    plenty of sleep

    water water water

    try and get out in the sunlight

    at least 30 mins of vigorous excercise daily

    shit might come up
    but you wont give a fuck!
  14. I used to be wicked uptight, stressed, angry, and depressed. Then I learned that if you just don't care, things will be a lot easier. Just seriously relax and learn to be more playful/friendly instead of pissed off all the time. Worked for me.
  15. I think you just need to have the realization that your anger doesn't change the situation that made you angry. You just have to accept that things don't always go your way and be happy because I'm sure you could have it a lot worse off in life. (You could be in Haiti)
  16. At the end of the day hit a punching bag for as long as you need. Once you're tired you'll find your whole body to be more relaxed. And then go smoke a bowl.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Not Giving a Fuck![/ame]

    and symphonic black metal calms me the fuck down
  18. Join the military and take your rage out on other people with bullets.....or start fighting need to start beating the shit out of people that anger you.....that will really calm someone out....the only trouble is with the law....yet again.....I mean the legality issue is no different from someone giving you advice to buy a bong and take bong go ahead and beat the shit out of some real annoying assholes....have fun :D
  19. Takes serious commitment, I think he just wants to find something to help him relax, not something as extreme. My friends are amateur and pro mma fighters and they have to put their life into what they are doing, I know I could never keep up with all the necessities. Meaning always hitting the dojo, change of diet, going to the gym, etc. And not to mention when you're fighting amateur you don't get shit pay, takes 3 fights to go pro (I think).
  20. Independence.:smoking:

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