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Tips For Bedroom Blazing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FavourLemon, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. It is going to be raining for like a month here, so I cant really go for a walk with a spliff like normal :confused: Any tips for bedroom blazing.
    Im thinking about just listening to music and chilling with foodies.
    What do you guys do when toking indoors? :smoke:

  2. I blaze in my room like 80% of the time haha
    There's lots of stuff to do if you have music, books, and a computer! Instruments would be awesome too. Anime is essential too. If you don't like anime i guess just watch whatever you like watching if movies or shows are your kinda thing. Just smoke and go crazy; make some music, cook some food, read, jam to music, or hit up grasscity haha the internet just opens up unlimited possibilities 
  3. maybe invest in an umbrella so you dont get caught inside? lol
  4. Towel under the door, sploof, a fan and you should be pretty good to go.
  5. video games lol. read a book. watch television. submit responses on GC.
  6. Put on some good music, have the xbox on, and toke away.
  7. Lmao. I dont know why i find it so funny but i got this image of OP walking in the pouring rain and smoking a spliff under an umbrella
  8. /thread
  9. lol shit man sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. i have a shed so i dont gotta worry about that lol
  10. #10 FavourLemon, Jun 16, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2013
    Yeah I will be sploofing with the bottom of the door blocked, other gaps in the door taped up with open window and fan pointing towards window (works wonders done it before).
    Imma rip some bowls, maybe use a lung (parachute bong) and get hella high with what you guys have suggested :bongin: Thanks for the reponses and lulz about the umbrella :laughing:
  11. Find yourself a high-definition television, a Playstation 3, a windows-based laptop, and of course: a half ounce of Ocean Grown Kush smoked mainly through a one foot bong featuring an ice catcher and double percolators.
    That set-up has worked wonders for me this summer.
  12. Bee warned, i find when u smoke in my room I'll take a hit and get distracted by something forgetting about the j. Lol

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  13. What worked for me bro, make a runescape account. Nerdy as fuck, but that shit will cure your boredom.
    Or just fap...
  14. Wait to parents are sleep/gone, and light a candle this is effective in two ways: Helps eliminate oder and Instead of making the flicking noise when trying to spark you just hold down on the gas and put it over the flame makes you much more silent. Also smoke out your window with air freshner nearby and spray a little after each hit. Also NEVER SMOKE MATCHES IN YOUR ROOM that shit leaves off a oder and is a pain in the ass to get out

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  15. I used to play wayy too much runescape haha
    I got into botting for a while too, that was fun back in its heyday!
    uh-oh, hope theres not any bot-hunters reading this....
    I don't play anymore though; shit I don't really play video games at all anymore;  i never seem to find the time or desire to; always too involved with either this; making music, and watching anime lol.
    This is making me wanna play again but I cancelled my membership! f2p is lameeeee once you're past like level 50

    alright sorry for hijacking the thread with runescape talk im done
  16. I noticed matches cover up some of the weed smell and take max 5 mins for the smell to go away when I got the fan pointing towards the window. I only use matches in emergency stoning moments :yummy:

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