Tips For A Beginner Growing In The Pacific Northwest?

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  1. Hello, knowledgeable folks!
    I'm thinking about growing one or two plants, outdoors, in my backyard garden in the pacific NW. I'd prefer autoflowering strains, because I'm a complete beginner and I just want some easy, delicious weed~
    What autoflowering strains do you recommend? (I prefer sativas) Can I just plant 'em in the ground and water them like the rest of my garden? Do I have to worry about the smell? 
    Thank y'all!! Happy toking :)

  2. I just got here and I am looking around for some other PNW folks. I live in Kitsap county and last year grew some White Widow, Kripple Roulette, AK47, Bud Bud Bling, and a few others. A gorilla glue and banana kush that were photo sensitive. This year I plan on some more and will have a 10X16 greenhouse completed in about two weeks. I am excited. Hope your grow turned out OK!
  3. What is a photo sensitive plant, never heard of that ?
  4. It's a Native American plant that thinks you're stealing its soul by taking a picture of it.
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    sorry, photo sensitive is what the two of the three strains of cannabis are. These plants depend on light and light temperatures to tell them when to bloom. As fall approaches the sun's color spectrum changes and the plants detect that and start to bloom. The ruderalis evolved at around the 55th parallel in the soviet countries. Since the summers are short and the light limited (less than at lower parallels) the ruderalis bloom based on the time from germination. They were discovered there in the 60s and mysteriously enough (more likely through Samsonite than bird droppings) the seeds made it to California. Jack Here wrote about it in his book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes which is a nice read. It should be noted that the political and social climates of the day made any support of cannabis adversarial so some of his stands may seem militant to the who live in legalized states. Such was the day. Many have not heard of ruderalis and that surprises me as it is a nice plant for beginners and those who do not wish to grow a cash crop or have the space or supplies to do a full blown grow set up. Ruderalis strains were once (and still) looked down the nose at buy 'pot snobs'. It is the odd way that humans who know something about a subject assume that they know it all. This is a common error. Look up ruderalis and you may find yourself intrigued. I am growing a Northern Light and two THC Bomb in a spare room just for fun and practice. The NL is in a aquaponics set up and the THC Bomb are in dirt.
    [​IMG] I did 6 DWC and 10 in dirt last year. Now I am having a 10X16 greenhouse built for this spring. VERY EXCITED!

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