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  1. Over the last week or so I've noticed that the very tips of the biggest fan leaves are curled down. The overall plant looks very healthy and they are growing about a half inch to an inch per day. This is my first grow so I don't know if this is normal or early signs of something bad. They are almost four weeks into veg from seed. Planted in fox farm OF. They get watered every few days when the soil gets dry and pots get light when picked up. Every other watering gets GH Floranova Grow starting at week 2. They are up to 650 ppm. Last PH test was done about a week ago and it was 5.6. This was the PH of the runoff. RO water is always used. They are under a 400w HPS 18/6. Other then that plants seem very health and growing fast.

    They were transplanted into the 3 gallon pots just yesterday with no signs of shock, they put on an inch sense then.

    Here's some pictures:



  2. Hey bro - first off, ladies look great!

    Next - your pH reading is bad... 6.5 is what you want for soil, 5.8 for hydro. So ya need to get that pH up! Did you lime the soil prior to planting? If not, for the future, this is up on liming if you didnt already do it (which I suspect you didnt).

    Other than that... just the tips turning could be a few things. Keep an eye on them and if anything else changes, shoot a pic and throw it up here!

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