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  1. Hey everyone, recently I've been planning on starting a PC grow with a couple of friends. We thought it'd be a good idea since we could grow our own strains, know what we're smoking, and not spend much money. We plan on having two plants, if even that.

    There's one huge problem though. None of us know how to grow.
    I know the simple stuff of growing, but nothing that will really help too much, like light reflective walls, input and output ventilation, even ventilation with fans etc. But could anyone tell me how to go about this process?

    I don't expect anyone to sit here and write a complete tutorial for me, I know that takes time and all. But if you guys could give me any of your tips, I'd love it.

    Some of the stuff I'd really be looking for would be:
    - What are all of these states? How do you use them? What do they do?
    - What are good, but cheap lights that I could use?
    - How much light? How many hours?
    - How I should go about watering?
    - Soil I should use?
    - Curing, flushing, etc.?
    - Anything else I'm missing, that I'd really need to know.
    Links are fine too, I just really need some help on this blades.

    Thanks again!
  2. read all the stickies!! its all there!!!!!
  3. Most PC grows have 3x too much light. In a PC there's no reason to go higher than 75w. Get a small PL lamp that you can take apart...


  4. I recommend from personal experience to use coco as your medium. If you are tight on money you can look on craigslist for cheap second hand hps lights or you can always go the CFL route if you have to, it will also depend on the space you want to grow in. Also make sure you get some mylar you can find it at walmart for about 3 dollars in the camping section. Great air circulation is also key temps over 88 degrees can slow the grow and cause your plants lots of stress, so make sure you have air going in and out. I find that with coco, watering your plants is much more simple you will know when your plant needs water just by looking at it or lifting the pot to weight it, the key is not to let it dry out. I use Botanicare base nutrients, they are cheap and give you great results and is just 1 part so you dont have to dick around mixing shit up.

    Have a look a t my grow I made a lot of mistakes but once I switch to coco my grow took off! if you have a bag seed laying around start with that and learn as you go thats what I did and so far I think my results will be great! Good luck dude and happy growing whenever you get started.
  5. Thanks for the heads up man, I was hoping I wasn't going to need mad lighting for my grow. How many feet above the plant should I keep it? (Talking about the early stages.)

  6. Yeah I didn't see them at first but I did take time to read a lot of them. But I just think taking the info from multiple growers will get me a variety of understanding.

  7. Thanks for the heads up!!! I've been stressing over how I should get air circulation, we're most likely doing it inside a room or his closet, so how would I go about getting input and output circulation? We can't really cut a hole into his house or anything.

    And as for coco as a medium do you recommend it for the whole life cycle? Or after I get it out of a certain state?

    (another question, sorry, I'm a noob at this) How often should I give it nutrients / how much?
  8. There's no need in a PC case to move lights. Mount them at the top of your case and paint the inside white and you're good to go.

  9. All these questions are good ones but it would take a ton of room here to go and explain all the different possibilities to get you going.

    My suggestion first you need to know what your growing in and not im going to grow in a pc case. You need to have the actual space on hand to measure and prep and plan. Take notes so when you do something you can analyze it and go back and look upon what youve done.

    The amount of knowledge here in these threads can educate you on everything you need to know and do. One last thing go on you tube and type in micro grow, pc grow, mj grow, what ever words you think may describe what your going for. You will find other people doing what you want to do. Good luck.

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